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My memories of other lifetimes have been with me, consciously, since I was three years old. My visits with a group of Extraterrestrials and Angels began (in this lifetime) when I was a toddler. They were never strangers to me. On the contrary; they were like my long-lost family whom I dearly loved. They have visited me telepathically, or in ships, or in their pure essence during the contacts we shared. I wrote poems about these wonderful beings when I was five years old. It never occurred to me that other people didn't know that life existed in other places.

In the early 1970's I began having telepathic communication with this particular group of Lyrans and Sirians. I channeled a children's play called "The Visitors" on the request of a community center where I worked. It took me 45 minutes to write the entire thing. The play was about a group of beings from another planet (Globtus) who were returning to Earth. One reason was to tell us that they were our ancestors, and the other reason was to help save the Earth from destruction. The group coming to Earth was a delegation of a geneticist and astronomer, female president, anthropologist, and so forth. It was produced and I directed it. The average age of the cast members was ten and, surprisingly, the play was quite a success. (It only ran for two nights, as was pre-arranged.) Following this I was prepared for more communications from this group of Sirians, but not exactly sure in which form their communications would be presented.

One of my best abilities is being able to enter into the dreamtime. Some would call this lucid dreaming, and others have labeled it astral travel. This is when my spirit consciously moves between dimensions. I can travel anywhere I desire and learn so much. It is in this dreamtime where I have read volumes of what is commonly called the Akashic Records, met different guides, revisited with relatives and friends who have passed on, joined classes with master teachers, traveled the cosmos in many dimensions, encountered other life forms, participated in a few parties, and remembered more about my Self. Even though my experiences have been numerous, I never tire of another dreamtime expedition; they are always new and exciting. Some have shook my soul to its core; one such time was when I remembered Enki and the Anunnaki.

That night I was having a lucid dream in which I was at the seashore in a large wooden structure with huge glass windows overlooking the water. The waves were rapidly growing larger and I knew a tidal wave was coming. Sure enough, a HUGE wave came over the top of the building and everything shook and creaked. I had never felt anything like this kind of power. Another wave hit and it felt as if the building was coming apart at the seams. The noise was deafening. Water was everywhere. I was shaking, not knowing what to do. Should I stay or leave? But where would I go? Leaving seemed impossible. The next thing I knew, I was screaming at the top of lungs, "Remind me of Enki!"

I immediately woke up, jumped out of my bed. My heart was racing, I was visibly rattled, could barely stand on my feet and I was so perplexed. I didn't understand this at all. Who were these beings and why did I need to remember them? What did the symbols in my lucid dream mean? My body had been shocked into a memory, down to every cell. I knew this was very serious. For the next couple of hours I walked around asking the universe what it all meant.

Being a very curious person by nature, I began my search for more about Enki in books. It wasn't easy, but finally I came across some books on ancient mythology and read what little they had on Sumeria and Enki. Sitchin's first book, "The Twelfth Planet" just came out and a friend suggested I get a copy of it. I started reading it and just like the wave in the dream, memories began flooding back to me of Sumeria, Egypt, Lebanon, India, and other places not on this planet. A lot of what I remembered wasn't in the books. Sitchin's information is very one-dimensional, and he doesn't take multi-dimensionality or reincarnation into account (spiritually unaware, but he's a decent researcher and scholar even though limited to that).

But, one thing immediately grabbed my attention: The name EA (pronounced "Ay-ah") means "he whose house is water" and EN.KI meant "Lord of Earth." (EA also happen to be my own initials.) The house with the water coming over and through it was symbolic of the name EA. This was almost unreal! Symbolicaly water is related to emotions, purification, strength, fluidity, fertility, and it's what our bodies are mostly composed of. Enki's symbols are water and electricity (as are mine). Enki wrote a epic poem about himself and Enlil and their positions. In this he writes: "I am he who decrees the fates with Enlil in the mountain of wisdom." It's more than just a coincidence, I feel, that my maiden name means "the crown, the star of light, mountain of wisdom."

The flood was also reminiscent of one of my lifetimes as a high priestess in the Temple of the Seven Flames, where I assisted the recent arrivals to adjust to the physical body while maintaining a balance of their spiritual virtues and attributes. Cloning. Soon the Anunnaki were a major influence on life on Earth (there and in Atlantis). In horror and sadness I watched as Lemuria sank - and in another lifetime Atlantis sank from imbalances in the use of crystal energy and power - but that's another story that I won't get into complete detail here, but still had a little to do with what is written below.

Needless to say, I had embarked on a personal inward journey into remembering more of who I was and more about my relationship with Enki. The dream was a trigger that was planned in advance by myself and Enki for my own remembering of who I am and to show me more about what I came here to do in this lifetime. Additionally, since then, I have met with Anu, who appeared to me to give me some vital personal information and talk about my own history. I have also met other Anunnaki, and those who masquaraded as Anunnaki in order to trick people, who are not on the Earth in physical incarnation at this time, and several reincarnational aspects who are. But, I want to make one thing very clear: my life is NOT about focusing on the past or the Anunnaki. It IS about understanding more of our multidimensionality, remembering who we are and creating our reality now; having our connection with the Source (THE G-d), our higher selves; and living more of our truth, starting with my Self.

a variation on the gateway to Anu

The Elohim, Anunnaki (combination of Lyrans and Sirians) were from another place and dimension within Sirius who had amazing technology right at their beck and call. I have always seen them as pretty much humanoid (very attractive, I might add) with their individual uniqueness, and I know that they also contained the DNA of their genetic heritage from other stars. When I see these beings, they are very tall (easy to see why they were called giants), and have the ability to swim and breathe under water. Their eyes are amazing - so much light and love pours out of them - the ones I have known (with a few exceptions). The Anunnaki also appear with a symbol of hair on the top of their feet, which relates to their genetic engineering with the human species. What I do feel is important is who they were on the inside, what they did, if and how it affects us. The Anunnaki were like us in that they had diversities and many serious personal issues to work through. Some were intensely cruel. Nevertheless, some of them were very loving, caring, beautiful beings (and more so today).

Some people claim they are reptilians, but this is NOT correct. [Up-date: If you want to see what the Anunnaki looked like, look at the crop circle from 2001 known as the Chilbolton (Face) in Hampshire. The 2002 alien face is of the Zeta. So we have gone from Anunnaki to Zeta, literally from A to Z, from where we came from to where we have been returning as a civilization.] Very early genetic experiments resulted in mutant beings that had Reptilian or Draconic features. The Reptilians are probably the most cold-hearted, violent, cruel beings in our solar system, therefore became the strongest archetype in our memories for evil.

Our story of human life on Earth is often told as creation myths. But these myths were based on something - - - fact. This is why, around the world, we see the same tales of how one 'god' - the serpent of wisdom and knowledge - Enki/Ptah, (and particularly two of his sons, Amen Ra/Marduk and Thoth), his brother Enlil and his sister and wife Ninhursag-Ki, were instrumental in changing life on Earth. All cultures have their own creation stories of the 'gods and goddesses,' beings on ships that came from the skies (often wearing masks or strange clothing and possessed some amazing abilities), war epochs between two sides of a family. All over the Earth we also share very similar artwork, music and technology, largely based on extraterrestrial activity and intervention. From Lemuria to Atlantis to Sumeria to Egypt and pyramids all over the planet, it's all traceable to the same ETs.

[Another group of Zeta Reticuli, called the Greys, are the devolved branch of the Anunnaki stream which goes back to Lyra and connects to Orion. The Greys destroyed their own planet, and have been working with humans who contain the last vestige of original Lyran DNA in order to help them evolve. The Greys, because of their past, believe that they were part of those who created us, ergo giving them the right to use us to help them. Reptilians/Dracos are different breed altogether. But, many ETS have had their input into who we are today - for good and not so good.]

When my Anunnaki memories first re-emerged I went through periods of love and gratitude, confusion and anger. I had to face my greatest and worst Self, too. I was Anunnaki. All of us are some kind of blend of several species and are multidimensional. Because of this and my connections with the Lyrans, Sirians, Anunnaki, Pleiadeans, Mirans, and with my ability to tap into various consciousnesses, it took a while for me to be clear on who I was then, because sometimes vibrations/identities blend so closely together, especially when one picks up so much from their oversoul, and Enki is part of my oversoul. So is Enlil, for that matter.

Many people swear that I am, or was, Enki. I was not, and am not Enki. I was and still am family, thanks to DNA, (the half-sister and genetic scientist) to Enki and Enlil, wife to Enki, and have a soft spot for both of those rascals. However, I can't and won't tell you everything they're up to.

There was a negative side to SOME Anunnaki. They could be cruel, selfish, violent, egotistical, and dysfunctional. As a civilization, they sometimes abused their power and the laws of the universe in not honoring free will and not allowing humans (who were on Earth as an earlier species when they arrived) to evolve on their own. They made people see them as God when they were just ETs manipulating or murdering people for their own needs. Enki was, is, a brilliant scientist, that much is true. Thanks to the Anunnaki who served as our archetypes, humans have been imitating the Anunnaki's dysfunctions ever since the Anunnaki were here. The wars for control and power over regions of the Earth between Enki's and his brother Enlil's sides of the family were tragic. And I think it's more than high time people recognize this and stop repeating the patterns because we are only headed for many more major disasters unless we do heal that part of ourselves that was inherited from the Anunnaki. It is time for humans to remember that we long ago reclaimed our sovereignty from the Anunnaki and they left the planet. Since then humans have reclaimed our own divinity and power and can continue doing so with love, respect, and responsibility for ourselves, for one other, and for our planet.

I subsequently had dreams and visions. One was about the beings from Antares, who were also in contact with humans on earth in Sumeria - this is after being an Anunnaki and then becoming part of Earth's reincarnational cycles - I was an interstellar communicator with them, and was in charge of bringing in written language from them to Earth. This became known as cunieform. In my past lifetime as an Anunnaki, I remember me riding up a ziggurat. One vision showed I helped in the construction of the great pyramid in Egypt. In yet another one, I was at the space port in the Sinai (Sharm El-Sheikh) and then I saw it being blown up in an ancient war of the Anunnaki. Another vision I had was of me standing with Enki and Zu. Enki knew what Zu was up to, and yet kept it a secret. Somehow it gave Enki a real charge to see Zu all worked up. Zu was assigned to guard the Tablets of Destiny in a ziggurat. But he was so jealous of those who had access to the Tablets, he stole them for himself. After this, I saw Zu blow off the top of the ziggurat during a war about the ownership of the power like lasers all around. He was laughing, and even Enki was laughing, and I just watched in horror.

This was about someone (Zu) who had selfishly, immaturely, irresponsibly, deceitfully, and uncompassionately used power. This was shown to me for my own lesson on power and what it can do when in the wrong hands, used with the wrong consciousness. I feel that this is one lesson Zu and other portions of the Anunnaki had to learn, and partly why some of them communicate through people today - some to repent and apologize for their own mistakes, take responsibility for what they did, and tell their stories as they really happened, of course from their own perspective. I can also say this applies to MANY people today, the reincarnated Anunnaki.

Being a dreamtime medicine person, I traveled to this place of Anunnaki life on Earth, back in time. This was in Iraq at Lake Zaga. This lake no longer exists, as it has been covered up by sand, but it exists inside the earth and interdimensionally. To date no one else has ever talked about Lake Zaga or knows where it is - that is, aside from myself and channeled entities (such as Bashar) who have confirmed my visions and memories of it. I would like to find someone who can provide me with archaeological, geological evidence that this place once existed. I also know the language of the place, and how there are underground facilities, passageways, there. It was once controlled by renegade space pirates saying they were the Anunnaki (I think they were outcasts from the Anunnaki), and I was told it is the last pure water on Earth. I saw them arriving here, sailing on the water of the lake, and destroying the surrounding area with fire. I did NOT like what I saw. There were human beings living underneath the Earth's surface there, and they spoke the ancient off-planet language, which has similar sounds to Russian. These beings were impoverished, very eager to tell their story how these pirates destroyed their home. There are many interesting details of how this place once looked, but I am preserving this information for another time.

But, there's much more in my life than Enki and the Anunnaki :-) And knowing the Anunnaki story, I had to decide if I was up to doing this kind of work with Enki, in channeling, or not. I chose to do so for a while to hear what Enki has to say from his perspective in the present, and he was always loving, straight with me, and treated me well. Much to my disappointment, I did see that the old battle between Enki and Enlil is still very much alive here on earth - created by humans and mostly by those fearful and envious of the real Anunnaki. I choose to stay out of that feud - it's past history for the Anunnaki. I have ceased working with Enki (for the most part) or other members of the family in order to do other kinds of more valuable work in further developing myself and my other interests - such as my connection to the Source, itself, and my own essence.

I grew a little weary of people sending regards to Enki through me, asking me what Enki, Enlil, Marduk or Anu were doing, and when Nibiru (it's not Enki's planet) is returning, or with people still living in the past (as if they were still the Anunnaki from those times). Sorry, folks, but that's not my job, nor my interest, nor what my life's about. But if and when the time is right for more messages to be shared, and I agree with their content, I will share them.

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