By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

What are we referring to when we talk about the Source - what is this Source and do we need to return to it? The Source is many things, and yet it is one thing. It is a point of reference. It is when and where we first began something, be it a thought, feeling, pattern, habit, or an action. It can be a rite of passage (conception, birth, marriage), a traumatic experience, or a monumental moment of awareness. The Source is also our essence, our spirit which was created within and borne out of the One Source, or All That Is (some call God/Goddess).

The Source is also consciousness. What is consciousness? Can we really describe it accurately in our words? What comes close to describing it is that it is an eternal, constant intelligence and communication Source of creation that transcends time and space and form, was created and exists through love/light, energy, and since we're all made of it and connected to it, as we change, it changes, it expands, there is no way to define it's size, and it effects everything in creation. It is always communicating, there is always this communication exchange going on, even if we choose not to listen. I don't feel words describing it do it justice, though. Consciousness divisions (such as unconscious or subconscious) are an illusion we create for separation and protection. Through these divisions, we can hide parts of the whole, parts of ourselves that are too disturbing to deal with or that we wish to avoid for the time-being.

Why is it of value to return to, or act from, our Source? Because knowing (remembering) the self is probably our greatest challenge and joy. Who doesn't want to understand themselves and their motivations? There are several benefits to reconnecting with our Source, all having to do with self-awareness, self-respect, and self-responsibility. We move forward by going backwards. Sometimes when we wish to get ahead we find we are stuck, and we don't know why. When we wish to get to the Source of something, we can trace it back through our memories, following a trail to its point of origin. We can do this by communicating consciously, in meditation, through hypnosis, through our senses and feelings, by asking people who know us what they recall, and through photos or written documentation. This means we can peel away the layers of conditioning and beliefs from others we chose to accept for ourselves, or we took on these ideas thinking they were once beneficial. By stripping down to the initial Source of these things we find ideas about ourselves and how we view life that are out-dated, painful, restrictive, judgmental, harmful. We can understand them from our current perspective, have compassion for ourselves (and others) for our choices, and decide to release or transform them into something that is useful and healthy for us in the present. We are then being authentic.

This form of self-therapy is not intended to determine what's "wrong" with ourselves (as in blame). We can also link up with those beliefs about ourselves that distinguish our uniqueness, and which ideas remain beautiful and healthy and can evolve even more. Through this process we remember more of who we are, why we chose to incarnate, and what we wanted to experience while here, as well as where we might have gone off-track or resisted who we are. Connecting with our Source within brings us a clearer focus and alignment with our true self. When we are in alignment with our true self there is generally less waste, more ease, excitement, peace, balance, clarity, good health, synchronicity and joy.

Is there any other way of letting go of the things we no longer want to have? Sure there is - by deciding that THIS VERY MOMENT is the start of a new life, and that the old you no longer exists. That includes the parts of yourself that you no longer wish to resonate to. You now have a clean slate from which to create the rest of your life and no reason to turn back. Can you do it? Both ways will work, but only you can decide which one will work for you. However, should you choose the clean slate option, you better be ready to really be that new person, 100% doubt-free.

Another form of returning to the Source is to commune with the knowing one inside ourselves for more inspiration and assistance, a form of prayer for ourselves and others. We are reminded that we are never alone or unloved, and the power of the Source, synchronicity, is always within ourselves and everywhere. We can present ourselves with tremendous opportunities when we acknowledge this and put it into use.

Although it is mentioned on the opening page of this web site, it bears mentioning once again that this site is a guide for personal transformation and the majority of articles were written with this intention. Please read the pages presented for you on the mentors who helped in the creation of the articles, Lightning Bolt Press' policy, about Nora Amrani. What you decide to do with this information, is solely up to you. Thank you.

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