Channeled Mentors

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
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This page is to offer you some information regarding the entities I channel, and whose words you read on this web site. I am a multi-channel. This means that I channel many beings from many locales, with many abilities. I work with a group, and we can just call them "The Group," but for a bit more distinctiveness we use the name Vibrani. At times different aspects of that Group, or Vibrani family, share their own voice. Through another channel, Dr. Peebles (a spirit) told me that I have an unusual family, collection, every possible vibration relative to earth. My teachers are of the Deva kingdoms, from different places of time and space beyond the physical universe. I have teachers of life forms formally within, under the crust of the planet Earth. Dr. Peebles says I am surrounded by masterhood. Masterhood that has never been a human being. Never will need to be a human being. Interesting concept, isn't it?

I channel individual entities as well as archetypes or collective consciousness [much like Jane Roberts' channeling], i.e., the collective unconscious, the collective universal consciousness, the collective consciousness of Shakespeare, and so forth, depending upon the focus of inquiry. I also work with crystals and animals. I am also experienced in performing transformational work (exorcisms, or helping entities who are stuck in a certain dimension). I assist them in moving on with their guides and/or into the light).

The following describes some of my mentors. They are not just entities who come through for their own agendas, whenever they feel like it; they are here by invitation, through a close relationship with me, and share a special agreement to serve and to learn from us as we learn from them. They are specialists in certain fields and all of them are counselors who have reached a high level of evolution - and yet, they are not infallible. They present their information for your own discernment. If you click on the underlined names, a new window will open up and you'll see a photo or drawing of the mentor, or be taken to other articles on the same subject. Close the new window and you'll be right back on this page.

VIBRANI is the name of my oversoul family, a combination of Anunnaki, Lyra, Sirius, Mira, Antares, and Arcturus interdimensional beings, including the Elohim and the Council of Twelve. This family also comprises many beings who are currently incarnated in the body on earth, and others in many different dimensions. We are a family which represents and expresses the VIBRATION (because life is always in a constant state of vibration, movement, with rhythms. We also use color, frequency, tastes, the LIGHT, i.e., knowledge and love), of All That Is - The Source. We do this in a variety of ways: writing, speaking, energy/lightwork, painting. Some of the multidimensional members of Vibrani include some of my own past lifetimes. They are archetypes, healers, psychics, priests, priestesses, educators, scientists, artists, musicians. [The name "Vibrani" is a U.S. trademark owned by Nora Amrani.]

HA'ORAH is a name used by my Higher Self, or Essence. Another name for her can be Grace, because she is in a state grace, and exudes it. I receive messages from her vocally, telepathically, in dreamwork and in writing. She is always with me. I see her as liquid, glittery, golden-white light, and she emits a violet hue. She's very fluid, loving, compassionate and wise. She has long white hair and a diamond in her forehead. She embodies the male/female/Itness, mother goddess which is the Source, and brings to the forefront more of the female qualities which are usually overlooked, or neglected (sometimes entirely negated), when people think or speak of God. (God is All, not just a male.) Ha'Orah often makes herself available for answering readers' questions, and her specialties are understanding the collective consciousnesses, and personal understanding and transformation. I see her as a being in the 6th dimension but she is of that and beyond that....where she is more formless. She is part of the true Elohim or Founders (the original "creator gods and goddesses").

DR. JAMES MARTIN PEEBLES lived on earth from March 23, 1822 to February 15, 1922. He is tall, slender, has warm, blue eyes, grey hair and beard. He was a physician, world traveller, Universalist minister, medium, spiritist, author, journalist, (of more than thirty books and countless articles), gardener, Counsel to Turkey, historian, and member of the American Indian Peace Commission. He fought for women's rights, the end of slavery, and American Indian rights. He was widely reknown for his many valuable contributions to the world. He majored in Latin, Greek and Classical Literature as well as medicine, religion and spiritualism. You can read his biography online at this site.

Dr. Peebles is currently on the other side of the veil as a grand spirit, angel, and spiritual psychologist to thousands. Through many channels he speaks, dictates articles and books, offers healing, hypnotherapy and regression counseling for personal transformation and often gives medical advice. He also shares scientific and technical information with the space industry. He is a most beautiful soul, full of love, honesty, directness, with a Scottish accent (his ancestry is Scottish) and compassion and respect for all of life. In many ways, Dr. Peebles shares a lot of the same knowledge as Enki shares, mainly that we are magicians in, and of, our own lives.

On occasion I have channeled Dr. Peebles vocally, but vocal channeling with him is not my focus - my primary work is done through telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience. As I sit down to write I hear him speak to me as he offers his magnificent advice on many topics while always incorporating his principles: Loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, starting with yourself; self-responsibility; increased communication with all life everywhere, and with respect; never are you alone or the victim - always the creator.

I used to work with ENKI, (EN.KI. - lord of Earth - see ancient Sumerian and Babylonian history for more about him), who was my half-brother in another lifetime. But I don't do much channeling with him these days because I've moved on into other arenas with my higher self. Occasionally, a message from him will come through. My focus is not on the Anunnaki; it is on Source Consciousness.

Additionally, I channel healing mentors from the Temple of Light, which is in another dimension. I work with the archangel doctor Raphael, and Dr. Ch'i in doing energy work. In my channeled spiritual art I channel DaVinci, Picasso, Monet, Renat, and occasionally some others, such as Rodin and Chagall.

WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN [this painting is a channeled piece of art made for me by my friend, Rita], is not just an Indian myth; she exists as the embodiment of peace and balance through the places and plants of healing. She is very important to the Lakota people because it was through her that organization, spirituality, knowledge and respect for all life being interrelated was more incorporated. She taught sacred rituals (such as the sun dance), games and honor for the buffalo, who gave its entire being for human survival.

One of the most important things she brought was the first sacred pipe (the chanunpa), which symbolizes in its bowl the buffalo (the universe, four directions and ages of humankind) and humanity. The stem represents all that grows on earth. There are twelve feathers on the pipe stem for the eagle who is the Great Spirit's messenger. The pipe ties women and men together as each creates a part of it.

The smoke from the chanunpa is our communication with the Great Spirit - it is the Great Spirit's breath. When people use the chanunpa in a sacred manner, it is a bridge between humans and the Great Spirit (as above, so below) and means one is walking the Good Red Road... moving in the proper, spiritual way.

I have channeled PLATO several times, but he is not a regular mentor of mine. I connect more with his collective consciousness - much of what has become more of an archetypal energy. Plato is not reincarnated into a physical body at this time. His energy has gone through many changes since his last incarnation on earth when he was known as Plato...he is much more than that, as is evident by his words in these channeled articles.

Occasionally, I will channel entities such as my future self, LaShar, or others who come through with a special message. Once in a while they prefer not to use a name because what they have to say is much more important than their identity. If you have any questions about any of my mentors, please e-mail me. Thank you.

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