The Vibrani Award


I am offering a web award to sites that show exceptional content and design around a metaphysical or literary theme. Having worked on my site for over ten years, I appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a web site. I appreciate it when I receive an award that reflects what I have put together, and I'd like to show recognition for others by giving an award for excellence. I offer three awards: one is for beauty of your site; one is a royal crown award for all-around excellence; and the third is the Vibrani Ankh Award which is for outstanding sites that have content related to my own - promotes spirituality, empowerment, beauty, truth and freedom. I have certain criteria that must be met by all applicants. Please read these guidlines for my web award BEFORE applying. Sites that do not meet the following criteria will not be considered.

Applying for the Vibrani Award (co-designed for me by my son):

1. Sites that promote hatred, racism, violence, pornography, spamming, illegal activities, or sites that I find offensive, will not be considered under any circumstances.

2. Please, no web sites that are "Under Construction". (I will be happy to review it when it has been completed.)

3. Personal, educational, and some business sites (depends on the product) are welcome to apply, but the site must show originality, creativity, and be a positive contribution to the Internet. Sites must have purpose and content.

4. Preferably your site is in English or offers an English translation. I can read some other languages, but not all of them, and I need to be able to understand what's on the site in order to grant an award.

5. Sites consisting only of links to other sites, or sites that sell drugs will not be considered.

6. Your site must be easy to navigate, attractive, and load reasonably fast and not packed with pop-up ads. Visitors to your site should be able to click "back" to where they came from and not be hijacked and forced to remain on your site and their only way out is to close the browser.

7. Copyrighted material must be acknowledged and sites with copyright infringement will not be considered.

8. I must like your site - I decide who gets my award.

9. I will award only sites that focus on metaphysics and spirituality, healing, personal transformation, inspiration, extraterrestrial connections and contact, empowerment, and creativity (such as poetry and art). I do not care for sites that focus on the darkness, or negativity, i.e. the manipulation of others through spells or fetishes, satanic worship, cults, or any site that encourages you to give your power away to anyone else.

10. If you receive my award, you must not alter it, and you must link the award back to my main site page. You may not share or pass on this award with anyone else. It is solely for the web site for which you applied. The award itself is copyrighted.


After you read the criteria for my award send me an email to shaman[at] On the subject line please write, "Vibrani Award." In the email, list your URL address, site name, and a short description of your site. In addition, please list the URL of the page the award would be placed on.

I will visit your site as soon as possible and view its content and decide if it is acceptable. I will email you with my decision and the award, if qualified. Hopefully, I will write back to you within a few days. I look forward to receiving your application and reviewing your website.

Thank you for visiting my site and please visit again as there are always new items to explore.