By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
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As we are all aware, the situation in the Middle East is complex. It involves such rigid ideologies of religion (particularly focusing here on Islam and the Arab world), intolerence, twisted history, wild emotions, little to no value for life, confusion, fear, ignorance, manipulation, different levels of consciousness, gender issues, ancient energies that are stuck in the region and continue to feed the violence, the need to live separate from others, and God, rather than integrated, and the lack of balance and valuing the male and female.

We cannot force peace on anyone nor change a strong belief system over night, and certainly cannot do it without willing participants. Forcing is, in itself, an act of war which will only set up an automatic resistence - for every effect an equal and often opposite effect will be created.

So, how can we help bring in the consciousness of peace? The way to accomplish peace is through the heart (love, compassion, gentleness, patience), through honest communication, cleansing and transforming the land, through education, and being realistic, in bringing in strong leaders who have an honest desire for peace, focused on the present and future instead of the past, by removing the victim and martyr from their prominent positions and rebalancing the female and male energies within each person - mainly, the honor of the female. What I feel will bring a real and lasting peace, anywhere, is peace consciousness.

At this time I was given a suggestion by two spirit guides, Dr. Peebles, and Elizabeth (whose specialty is Mother Earth and crystal energy), on how we can help usher in a peace consciousness, gently and respectfully. We welcome anyone who would like to join in with the intention of sending healing energies to the Middle East, focusing on uplifting those who want peace but don't have the full support of their people, women who are in pain and frustration and can't be heard, and this will also greatly assist those who have a difficult time seeing beyond their present belief systems towards embracing a more expanded consciousness, one of peace, compassion and sharing.

Take time each day, each week, each month and most definintely at the beginning of the next year and each Yom Kippur (which is actually the best time to cleanse the region of negative energies) to send energy of CLEANSING AND UPLIFTMENT, which include love and compassion. The more people doing this will help the energy move faster.

Since the region has many old energies attached to it (in the land, in spirits, in people), we first have to begin with cleansing the land, itself. In meditation or an easy visualization, focus on the crystals embedded within the land, inside the earth. Use white light (because white light contains all colors) to clean out these dense energies. Send the white light to the area until you see or feel a shift taking place. You can also light a candle and send the essence of the candle there, sunlight is another good image you can use in visualization. Communicate to the crystals in the region and ask them to activate themselves even more to cleanse and uplift.

Once you have done the earth cleansing do the same for the people in the region. Send white light for cleaning and upliftment, compassion, integration, balance and respect for life. See the white light being accepted into the area, the people, and their physical bodies. You see, the people chose to be reincarnated into this region to heal their own illusions of separation, to heal ancient hurts. They are two sides of the same coin who have drifted further and further apart, but they keep returning in order to understand why they do this and ultimately to heal it...to see God within each other, and within themselves. Our exercise can help them - we an cleanse and transform the area into one that is willing and ready to live in peace.

For more on these ideas, and a special channeling by Torah through Shawn Randall on the future of Jerusalem, plus a simple and beautiful peace meditation, please go to this page.

To take from the words of St. Francis (and I add my own words to it): Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is Fear, let me bring Love.
Where there is Ignorance, let me bring knowledge.
Where there is Hatred, let me bring Compassion.
Where there is Impatience, let me bring Patience.
Where there is Injury, let me bring Pardon.
Where there is Struggle, let me bring Ease.
Where there is Doubt, let me bring Faith.
Where there is Despair, let me bring Hope.
Where there is Darkness, let me bring Light.
And where there is Sadness, let me bring Joy.

Wishing everyone much love, light, and peace.

© Copyright 2000, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani