UFO SIGHTINGS (Personal Account)

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
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I have seen several different kinds of ET ships and been on a couple of them. On this page I will log some of my experiences, one at a time.

In the early 1980s, I think it was 1984 (because I lost all my earlier documentation of it), my husband and I were going out to a cafe on Fairfax Ave. in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. It was a Friday night, around 8:30pm. I was driving and my husband was sitting next to me in the passenger seat. We were moving slowly down the alley behind the cafe, looking for a parking space. My car was facing north right towards the Hollywood Hills.

All of a sudden something in the sky caught my eye. I saw a huge ship. It was so massive I couldn't guess its exact size, but it was approximately three large blimps long. It glowed a florescent lime green. It was oblong like cigar-shaped, and flew beneath the low cloud cover as it sped past above me at a ridiculously fast speed. There was no sound from this craft. I grabbed my husband's arm, and told him to look up and the UFO, but he only caught the last second of it and didn't think he saw it.

I gasped and watched in horror as it arced and dove into the Hills. Police helicopters seemed to be chasing it. Then it looked as if the ship crashed right into the center of the mountains. I braced myself as I expected to hear an explosion, but there was nothing. It vanished in a flash of light. I looked around and couldn't figure out where it had gone. Something that huge traveling that fast couldn't go into a mountain and not be heard or make some damage. Then I realized it went interdimensional. It was the most remarkable thing I'd ever seen! I was thrilled that I had seen it.

When we returned home later that evening I called the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington and told them what I saw. I also called UFO magazines that were popular at the time and reported it. I kept a watch in my mail for newsletters I received about sightings and checked the internet, and called the National UFO Reporting Center during the next few days to see if they had more information on that ship. It seems the same craft was seen moving up the entire Pacific coast from California to Washington that night I saw it, and a couple of nights following that it was sighted in Canada.

That was my first conscious sighting of a UFO and it was my own proof that they really exist, and that our government, military, and police know about them. These ships defied our technology at the time - they could do right-angle turns, they could vanish into another dimension and suddenly reappear, they were of sizes and shapes no craft on earth was built to have. Nothing our technology possessed could catch up with them, either. The speed at which they travel is awesome.

I possess a rare piece of video. One Sunday night, around 1am, I was watching the space shuttle coverage on the NASA television station and had the feeling to put in a video tape and start recording. The space shuttle was orbiting the Earth. All was going well, as planned. The unaware ground station crew was going through it's work shift. As people were leaving their posts and new people were coming on to work, the room was emptied and people were milling around not really paying attention to the monitor. Suddenly on the NASA monitor some strange lights were displayed as being viewed from outside the shuttle. These lights had spherical shape, and blinked the rainbow in lights - brilliant colored lights. The crafts were silvery white. They multipled and came together in a formation right in front of the shuttle. As soon as the new NASA ground crew looked up and saw what was being broadcast, they took it off the air and went to a test pattern for at least an hour. From then on, all they showed were previous video footage of the day's events - NEVER again showing the extraterrestrial space ships or saying one word about it. I know others who witnessed this, and I have it on tape. It's real. NASA knows it, filmed it, and has refused to say anything about it, or to even disclose it to the public after that one-time on-air event. If you take my video and go frame by frame, you can clearly see the many ships, their shapes, and how the colors moved on them. They were, in my opinion, Pleiadean friends, wanting to say hello.

My video tape was seen by many, including UFO experts, including my friend, Jose Escamilla, who was awake and watched the same NASA progam, saw what I did but wasn't able to get his video tape in his machine in time to record it. He still talks about wanting a copy of my tape and how envious he was that I got it. I think I'll finally give him a copy lol.

Many years ago (in the mid-1990s) I had an astral body experience in which I was taken aboard a ship into a small classroom that had white boards (like the kind of blackboards/chalkboards, whatever you call them in schools today). I was there with another channel. Both of us channel the same entity and have many connections with other entities and both of us had been in excellent channeling classes for years with the best teachers. [I can't stress how important it is for channels or mediums to have GOOD teachers and training and not go solo until you have a solid relationship with at least one trusted spirit guide.]

This room was on board an Essassani ship, with Bashar. Bashar stood up in front of us and stated that said he was teaching a class on FEAR. At that moment, I was ready to jump out of my seat and say, "Thanks, but no thanks....I'm outta here." But, something compelled me to stay and stick it out - my higher self knew it was time to face this.

Bashar looked at us intently and said, "At any moment I can transform into anything at all. And you'll never know ahead of time what that will be." My mind went crazy; I was already in a panic. I started to see Bashar transform into a dinosaur, then a reptilian, then hideous monsters. It was like a chaotic tornado generating the energy of fear. Everywhere I turned, there was a new creature.

All of a sudden, I put on the brakes. Something within me said, "Hey, wait a minute! What's really going on here?!" I looked around and started laughing my ass off. This was really funny because I finally realized what had just taken place. Crying from laughing so hard, I approached Bashar in the classroom again and said, "Thank you, SO MUCH, Bashar. This is the BEST class I've ever had!"

A few months later I attended a channeling session in which Darryl Anka was channeling Bashar and I asked about that dreamtime/astral experience. Before I could get the all of the words out of my mouth, Bashar jumped right in, nodded, and said, "Yes, it was a fear class - and you get an "A." Then he asked me, "Tell everyone here - what did you learn from that class?"

I recounted the experience for those present. I said that I had clearly seen that Bashar hadn't transformed into anything AT ALL!!!! It was my illusions, my imagination, my fear, that started to see him as these beings that were hideous to me - my OWN fear images! My own reflection of what I feared about some ETs! Bashar smiled and said, "Yes, exactly."

To this day, that has still been one of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned. That was when I realized how powerful we really are, how powerful our own fears are - they lead us down avenues that are not real, yet are easily mistaken for being real. Does this mean that other life forms don't exist? No. It means being able to see clearly what is what and being in charge of how we want to respond to what we see, instead of letting fear overpower us. Our own prejudices often prevent us from clear sight and understanding. Because some beings may look frightening, does it mean they are evil or harmful? Not necessarily.

Do you know what travels faster than the speed of light? CONSCIOUSNESS. (And, yes, wormholes.)

In an interdimensional experience (an out of body experience, technically-speaking), I was whisked away by one of my spirit guides. He took me into a small space ship. This was a two-seater vehicle. I wanted to know what it felt like to pilot one of these ships. My guide started the ship and then I took over. We eccelerated rapidly and it was like being in the Star Tours ride at Disneyland (which at that time I hadn't yet been on). We zoomed around for a while and I was able to put the ship on auto-pilot and swivel around in my chair so we could talk. Again, this ship moved so fast and it was so smooth - it was a pleasure to be in it. When we were through, I found myself back in my body trying to readjust to earth's gravity and slowness.

One word about radio signals, like SETI - they will not be picked up because ETs have long ago disgarded the use of radio signals. I mean, if you were a more technologically advanced society that communicated via holograms, and could move interdimensionally at will, would you use something old like radio? They are on different higher frequencies. Therefore it has been almost pointless to expect that ETs will communicate or be picked up by radio frequencies.

Last night/this morning (May 8, 2005) I had an exquisite dream about ETs. This was sort of similar to a dream (OBE) I had in 1987 and wrote a poem about ("1Am/Winter Lullabye" which is in my Cosmic Poetry section). I dreamed I saw space ships coming. They would fly over my head and go a few miles away and hover there, waiting for others to join them. I instantly knew this was their plan. At the same time, I was saying how I had to call NBC to let them know what was happening; I told people around me what would be coming next - they would flash their lights and then start making drawings/patterns in the sky with their lights. The ships began flashing and I yelled out, "Here they come!" They then flew above us and made the most gorgeous pictures with their lights, even the full on action of fireworks going off in beautiful patterns, like sprays. Then they made figures, human shapes, all kinds of shapes like constellations with their armadas. It felt so fantastic, so positive, so loving, so joyful, a real celebration...heavenly. It was one of those very clear and peaceful moments when all felt right.

On November 2, 2007, my son and his friends saw what they believe was a spacecraft. This was in the area of Irvine and Santa Margarita, California. Three of them were in a car driving at 11pm. There were low clouds. They looked up into the sky and saw an object that seemed to be roundish, but it had a rubbery quality to it, as if you would take a dinner plate and wobble it. The object had red and blue lights, and they think they recall seeing yellow at one point. The object hovered. When their car turned they tried to find the object again, and could not see it. It was hard to tell how close it was to them, or how large it was, but from their perspective it did not seem to be very large. It was not a helicopter or anything they'd ever seen before.

November 13, 2007, 10:25 pm - From my home, I watched for about 4 minutes as crafts flew from the north to the south over Burbank into the Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles area. I was taking out the trash to the street (because our trash gets picked up tomorrow), and noticed a golden planet - probably Mars, in the sky, due East. I got distracted by some strobing red-orange lights and wondered what they were. I couldn't tell if it was one large craft or many small ones, but I think many small ones because they started out in a chevron formation strobing in a very odd pattern where some weren't seen and suddenly they were seen, then the lights changed from red-orange to white and back to red-orange. I tried to count how many sources of the strobing lights there were - at first I saw 4, then I saw 5, then there were more and more. It was difficult to count how many there were - but there were many. Then, some stopped strobing. One craft pulled far back so the pattern changed. They were completely silent. They flew horizontally, and were about 50 degrees up from the horizon. The lights, their strobing, and the red color is something I've never seen before in that way. It did not look like helicopters or airplanes, the strobing was very different. It was an awesome sight and I watched until I could no longer see them. They seemed to be heading towards Long Beach.

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