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From Torah, channeled through Shawn Randall
July 7, 2005

We are often asked this question: "If I create my reality, why are there wars and terrorist acts? I feel I'm a good person, so why aren't there peace and love and harmony?" Well, you got it partially correct. What goes on inside a person has a lot to do with their outer world, but that's not understanding the entire picture. The other parts that make up the whole in creating our reality has to do with our ability to understand and work with archetypes and our co-creatorship with other people and beings in other dimensions. In a new channeling Torah explains what's going on in our collective conscious and unconscious, what buttons are being pushed, and how that plays in our physical world. Torah also offers suggestions as how we can work with co-creating balance and hamony.
Nora and Shawn

Shawn Randall channeling Torah:

We have heard the request to address the extreme terrorism that occurred today in London. We will address it because it has sent some waves of fear around the world, and all the governments are on high alert - as you know. This is, of course, the opportunity for people to go into great fear. And it is also the opportunity for people to go into great denial. We would suggest there is something in-between.

First, it is important that you retain your own perspective about it so that you observe your own personal reactions and not give into the seduction of hysterical fear, and not give into the seduction of radical denial. The point is it was a shattering thing to the status quo, to the system of a very, very busy city, right in the infrastructure.

So, what we'd like to say here is (as you monitor yourselves) watch your process with it. See what reactive "buttons" get pushed for you. The fear button and the denial button are two that can be pushed for you. When you see what your buttons are that are pushed by these events, respond to them. Respond to them as part of your growth process. These events may bring up major insecurities, or safety and security issues for you. If that is the case, to go back to that part of your creatorship that creates your own security. Creates your own security. It is very important to go within yourself to that part of your creatorship that creates your own security - realize that deep within yourself you co-create your own security together with your higher self and also possibly with guides.

It's very important to keep a sense of your own power as a creator when these kinds of events shake you up.

Maybe some people won't be feeling reactions the same way they did September 11, 2001 (because this wasn't on the land of your own country), but be aware nevertheless of whatever buttons of yours get pushed. Respond to them, analyze them, think about them. Why? Because those buttons, those reactions, those overreactions that you have are aspects of your personal unconscious that want to be healed and integrated.

Furthermore your personal unconscious is connected to the collective unconscious of humanity. These terrorist events are your collective unconscious erupting. Erupting and expressing the archetype of the terrorist, which is a very potent one indeed. An archetype, like all archetypes, needs to be balanced, need to be integrated and understood. Yes. Certainly there has been effort in that regard, people trying to understand what makes these terrorists tick, how do they think, what do they want, etc. That has been going on a bit in the last few years. But there's more to go.

So the terrorist as an archetype, what is it doing? It's reflecting to you the terrorist within you. What is your terrorist like? If your terrorist were to erupt and try to hurt your infrastructure, what would that mean? What would that terrorist look like? What sort of self-sabotage would it be? Or what sort of destroyer or anger expression would it be? It could be any number of things.

So one of the ways to look at this event, and all terrorist events, is to see these terrorists are showing you YOUR terrorist. And we would suggest that by exploring that openly and asking, "What part of me does want to bomb things, destroy things? What part of me has so much anger? What part of me has so much desire to punish that it could act itself out on the world stage in the form of terrorism? Could I act out the terrorist within me and do self-destructive things in my own life?"

In answer to tha, would say that each one of you has at one time or another done self-destructive things in your own life. Think back on that and ask, "Was there a terrorist archetype coming from my own consciousness that was part of that, one that I can integrate, and that I can learn more from? And if that terrorist archetype was there before could it emerge again?"

So today's events are saying just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water (as the cliché goes), just when people started feeling safe around the world, and just when people started thinking, "Oh, the terrorist has gone underground, under wraps, is no longer a problem," what happens? The unconscious mind says, "Surprise, surprise, I'm still here." (And out will come the terrorist.)

When you integrate the terrorist within it helps to integrate the terrorist in the collective. Please note that whenever there is an emerging archetype that is so broad and so clearly on the world stage there is always a compensatory archetype that begins to emerge; one that will compensate for it. It is the responsibility of those who choose to take the responsibility to help bring forth the compensatory archetype.

So it's important to integrate your own personal terrorist within in order to be able to bring out the compensatory archetype that can help to balance these polarities so that both can be contained and perhaps eventually grow into harmony on the planet.

The compensatory archetype arising is what we call THE CO-CREATOR.

This is very intricate. As you progress in your metaphysics you learn that, "I create my own reality." As you progress a little bit farther along you realize, "Oooo, I am CO-CREATING my reality because there are other forces at play, and if I can align myself with those forces by intricate processes, then I can co-create with those forces. Then I am working, in a sense, creating with the Gods."

Co-creation is a new archetype. The idea of co-creation with the unseen realms is new on the world stage. Actually, it's been around forever, but it's emerging now from the unconscious as never before. Co-creation has been a part of certain esoteric traditions, mystery schools and in magic for years, and now it is emerging more fully as a potential energy in the humanity. The co-creator is a potential archetype to be realized and manifested.

A lot of questions about these world events can be solved if you acknowledge the "terrorist," and the "co-creator" as its compensatory archetype. These are very deep and very intricate issues. We would say to you all that the way to compensate for terrorism in your personal reality, no matter where it manifests, is to go to your co-creatorship. Go to your co-creatorship. Be not only aware of yourself as a creator of your reality, but to be aligned with other dimensional forces and sources, and certainly your higher self in order to co-create peace, love, harmony, understanding, and wisdom upon the planet. There has to be the compensatory archetype. You can't fight terrorism with terrorism. All you're doing is bringing up more of the terrorism archetype. You can't fight war with war. You're just going to bring out more war, as you know. There needs to be something else to compensate.

At the personal level you can do something about that in your personal reality and with your own personal unconscious mind. You can be conscious and integrate your terrorist. You can bring out your co-creatorship. You co-create with the unseen realms and with the divine. Explore the ways in which you can do that. Your co-creator within offsets, compensates for the terrorist archetype which is coming so fully on the world stage.

You can see that these events today are serving humanity to remember that the terrorist archetype is alive and well, still in need of greater integration and understanding. It is important to be in touch with your spiritual self.

It's important to get the very big picture of these world events and say (to yourself), "Okay, forces that are in the collective unconscious are erupting and there is a compensatory co-creator archetype that can offset the destructive forces. I can assist in the process of bringing the co-creator energy into manifestation."

It's up to you to consciously bring forward co-creatorship with the divine. Feel free to share this information about these emerging archetypes. Contemplate how to make it work for you. You will find if you work with this information, it will be very, very useful.

Alright. Much love.

© Copyright 2005, Shawn Randall