By E. Nora H.Amrani
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It is 2009 and there are still wars on our planet, famine, drought, economic chaos, disease. People wonder if consciousness has gone through any change, and if it is still shifting. Yes it is. Each day I see examples of how it is shifting in a positive way.

Probably the most obvious change is seen in the popularity of "going green" and altering lifestyle habits to protect our environment. I love seeing supermarkets giving out shopping bags that can be used over and over and make carrying groceries much easier. This way we cut down on the waste of paper and the pollution of plastic bags.

I remember the first Earth Day, and without even knowing the full effect of what was in the works that first time (it was still a very small grassroots movement), I had written a play for children to perform entitled "The Visitors" (copyrighted). The play's theme was calling awareness to pollution and how it was destroying our planet and how to recycle. It also included extraterrestrials from the planet Globtus who visited earth to help us learn from what they had from correcting their own mistakes. In return, we helped the ETs get back home - I'm not kidding, this really was in my play. The visitors opened up a new relationship and friendship with our family from the galaxy.

"The Visitors" was produced and presented in Santa Monica with a cast of ten-year-old children and its short run was a hit. This was the first indicator to me that we were bringing about a little change, and it was warmly embraced. Now, as you all are no doubt aware, Earth Day is global and HUGE. People are finally seriously taking action to protect our resources and help our planet clear out the garbage.

The earth, with its own consciousness, is doing its own thing to shake off the devastating effects of imbalance - much of it created by humans, and some of it created by a universal shift of consciousness. As I have often written, earth changes will continue and people must be vigilent regarding their living and working structures, water resources, the rising water along the coasts, and volanoes, quakes and storms. Please know that our consciousness is tied into the earth's and extends out into the universe. We are all working together and we need to get on the same wavelength because that will make the shifting much easier with less harm.

A sort of movement has been very much in the media this past month. It is called "Playing for Change - Peace Through Music" and it involves 37 musicians and singers from around the world (but over one hundred were filmed). The film and videos (seen worldwide on and on PBS television) show musicians singing their own songs and then joining the others with their input of the same songs.

A few days ago I was making a purchase at my local Bed and Bath store. When I was checking out I asked where I could find an item. The lady at checkout asked somebody else for help and it turned out what I wanted was at the other end of the store. I just sighed. I really didn't feel like going back there at that moment. I said I'd first pay for what I got and then maybe go there afterwards or another day. The lady helping me agreed and said that when she was young she didn't pay attention to her feelings but now as she gets older she is following her feelings, as I am. We talked about the importance of following our intuition (the God within each one of us) and that by doing so we are respecting ourselves much more. We are not forcing ourselves to do something that we feel isn't the right time or place or action at the moment. Instead we are moving through life with divine synchronicity and ease. It was great to be able to validate and support that for one another.

These are only a few examples of what is going on. And when these things occur, it shows me that consciousness really is person or one group at a time. Perhaps you can make a mental note of the many ways you are seeing or creating change each day. You can use meditation and visualization to asssist. Focus on opening your heart, seeing golden light of love surrounding you and spreading out your love and light to the inner earth, to all people, to the cosmos. We are all lightening up. When we focus on the positive and encourage and support one another, we give strength and greater momentum for change.

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