By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

From now one, you can call me Ukrainian-American-White Nora. Why not? That's my heritage and my color. If you go back a little further I am related to Genghis Kahn, too, so please, throw in Mongol into the pot, as well. Go back further and I'm probably Phoenician, originally from Egypt. Might as well include my H Haplogroup. Never mind that I am a human being, a woman, and I am first-generation born in America and I'm an American citizen. I'm actually a Native American. Oh, but wait, that term is supposed to belong only to the so-called indigenous peoples of America, because as we all know, no White people ever lived in America in ancient times. (NOT) And, Native American can also mean American Indian. Oh, but wait, Indian is not the right term because Indians come from India, and the misnaming was Columbus' mistake. So, let's just call them by their tribal affiliations: Lakota-American, Hopi-American, Iroquois-American, and so on. African-Americans are also White people. Oh my, what does the media do with them?

It's become the requisite to define people ethnically before you mention their names. Of course, they can't trust you can see the person for yourself and you'll probably get a good idea what they look like, because looks are so important. But you MUST define them racially and ethnically, even if it's not correct. Case in point, Barack Obama. The media loves to call Obama Black or African-American. They conveniently forgot his White half, the half that raised him. They also forget that he's a male and a human being. He's an American. Why not just say "Obama"?

Silly, isn't it? But, it's important to see what the media is doing when they keep doing this. They are creating racial division and separation. They are breeding prejudice. Is this intentional? I don't know. Maybe they think they're being politically correct or respectful? In truth, they're not being either. They're doing a disservice to all of us. So until they all pay attention to the message and drop their biases and need to label people (even half-accurately), let's all go by our racial and ethnic heritage. I will call my best friend English-Irish-German-Native American-Basque-American-White Martha, by her request. I suggest you all get real clear on your heritage so you won't be left out of the loop. Thank you.

© Copyright, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani