Ha'Orah/Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani,
discusses various topics.
May, 1999, and periodically up-dated.
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Ha'Orah has expressed her desire to be available for questions
from readers. The questions and responses will grow as they are created. Here are the first few.
Here is my channeled picture of one image of Ha'Orah. Thank you, Ha'Orah.

Ha'Orah by Nora


Question: We have been seeing many revisions of history showing up on TV and in films, things about saints and people from the Bible who talked with God. They represented an awful way of what happens when one talks with God...they usually died because of it. Why are these films still being made now - what is their message to us? Is it to keep us in fear of taking it upon ourselves to talk with God? What is different about our times now?

Response: In other "times" people who openly admitted that they communicated with God, or angels, or spirits, were considered to be either crazy or sacred - sometimes both. It was not a preferred "occupation," and due to the religious institutions who held a great amount of power over people, such visionaries had to be deemed holy, validated by the Churches, because they wanted to corner the market on spirituality for the sake of control. They had to be the among the only ones who could have direct communion with God, otherwise they would lose their flock and position of power.

This was also a form of protection for the psyche of the masses, whose consciousness at the time could not handle a majority of people speaking with the Source. Your collective belief system was not allowing for it. Remember, you desired a certain amount of control and leadership because you didn't fully trust your Selves and you were fearful, of confronting a direct communication with God. So only the occasional unusual individual, such as Jeanne D'Arc, Bernardette, Moses, Noah, Jesus, Buddha, etc., were accepted. And each one of these "messengers" gave you the same message - look within yourself to find God and all will be available and provided for you. Did you listen?

Some of you still believe it is a rare and anointed person who can communicate with the unseen. And many more of you already know and accept that your current concept of God is quite changed from how We were pictured not so very long ago. This means you are becoming clearer as to who you are and are no longer relying on others to tell you what to think or feel. You have experimented with many forms of meditation, healing, channeling, consciousness altering substances and exercises. This has been reflected in all of the media and commerce so it has become a part of your belief system that you can have a personal relationship with God, or your Higher Self, or spirit guides.

Your personal relationship with the Source is confirming that one not need be a loner, an outcast, or strange prophet, a "special messenger," or a saint(e) in order to communicate with Us. Nor do you need to punish yourselves as a martyr, or "die," in order to prove your point. You are human and you are divine. We do not play favorites and are available to All. (However, some just don't want to hear us, yet.) We are within you All. You are within Us. Knowing this brings All into a fuller and richer level of love becoming more filled with grace and elegance. You are finally having the courage to open your Selves up to finding out who We are, for your Selves.

Seeing these portrayals on the screen pose to you the question, "Can you joyfully and honestly acknowledge and take responsibility for your own growth?" Or, do you have to ask yourselves one more time if you still retain any remants of that old belief system which may include fear, the need to be tested, to have a scapegoat, not feeling worthy, and so forth? Basically, they serve as a guide post, showing you, reminding you, giving you the opportunity to see how far you have come as a civilization. For indeed, you have come very far. Now, where do you desire to go from here?


Question: We hear many stories about ancient astronauts from other planets coming to Earth and supposedly being our forefathers, having created us genetically. Could you explain some more about how we are created?

Response: First of all, you create your Selves, over and over and over. You always have and always will. These beings who were not Earth beings, who did partake of genetic experiments with life forms on Earth, learned the key of DNA structure which creates human beings, much like themselves. They brought this knowledge into the Earth. They alone did not create this knowledge - this was created by All That Is, which, by the way, includes you, too. This DNA structure is also a belief system which is available to those who wish to experience life in the body on planet Earth, and there are other structures for other stars and planets, other life forms - depending on where the soul wishes to be. So, you can thank these beings for their experiments and successes in assisting in co-creating human life on Earth. All took part in creating this.

If it is Earth that you are drawn towards, then you and that particular DNA structure/belief system magnetize your Selves together with the desire to create a body, a life form. The Source absolutely supports your choices. Your soul and the structure, the pattern of light, which was created through love and allowance, attract and merge first energetically. This energy is then attracted to the vehicle (your parents) who will provide you with the form and conditions you believe your Self to be, and who you wish to be for your experience in the body on Earth. And a connection is made. Since you know how babies are "made" I don't have to go over this now. Then, once the fetus is created the blending of the soul with the DNA/belief system flows throughout the entire being that you are and will become (through the heart, the blood, the brain, infusing each organ, bone, muscle, tissue, cell), with this pattern created by you blending with that structure and the belief system of that structure, and who you believe your Self to be. Is the soul housed in the body, or is the body housed in the soul? It is both.


Question: What happens when a fetus is aborted or miscarried? Didn't that being want to have life on Earth? Who has the right to determine for a fetus if it lives or dies?

Response: You all have choice and can and do change your minds. Do not forget that you and each soul are full souls. Each soul that decides to come into the body is a full being already. Should that soul decide it does not want to be born, to experience life after all, it may choose a variety of ways of stopping the process, which include abortion or miscarriage.

If the souls of the child and biological parents wish the child to be raised by parents other than the biological ones who helped to create it, the souls will have chosen adoption. And the adoptive parents have chosen to be parents for the incoming child thereby becoming part of the equation, expanding, making space for that child to become part of their lives. It now creates an energetic bond between all three parties - the strength or endurance of which depends upon the people's willingness, or lack thereof, to maintain the bond. It is up to them if and how that bond will be maintained.

If the biological parent(s) of the child to be have a change in heart and no longer desire to have that child, there is a co-creation with all of them deciding together what they will do. The key here is in knowing what each soul desires and honoring their decisions.

Remember, I have already stated that all of your choices and decisions are absolutely supported by the Source. This is no different. But, each choice and decision may create possible repercussions, consequences, and certainly responsibility - which often goes overlooked at the time of decision-making. The soul of the child to be will often willingly comply and may find another vehicle to come through, or wait until another time.

This does not mean there may not be some karmic backlash down the line - depending upon the souls involved. By karma, I mean perspectives, points of view often including self-judgment. This is why I state that responsibility for your actions, examining the possible consequences and repercussions must occur for optimum results, because you are involving yourselves with the free will of your Self and others. If you are ALL very clear and in 100% certainty with your decisions, with love, permission, respect for one another and your belief systems, and desire for the best for all, you certainly minimize and can even release any further consequences. You release blame and judgment for all, and all are then free to move on and do as they will. If one of you is not in 100% agreement with the request, there may be future issues to deal with. How do you know if you are approaching such decisions in clarity and with dignity and integrity? This is YOUR (individual and plural) decision. Ask one another, connect with God within your heart, and you will know.

Question: Why do some babies die shortly after birth?

Response: First of all, nothing ever dies - it just changes form. There is a lovely story given in a film ("The Little Buddha") that illustrates this: Imagine a glass filled with tea. The glass represents your physical body and the tea represents your soul (the portion of your soul that is in the physical body). Break the glass and the tea spills on the table, to the floor, into cracks. And yet, the tea is still tea and the glass is still glass, although its form has changed. The tea moves where it will. This is very close to how people make their transitions.

No one "dies" before their time. When the soul is ready to release the body, when it has accomplished what it came here to do, it moves on, even in the case of infants. What could they accomplish? - you might ask. They may have come into this life to experience unconditional love, to feel the physical body, to experiment with changing form, to give love or other gifts, to meet a personal karmic situation. Here I mean karmic as self-judgment, a point of view, something that had to be confronted and processed. There are also cases when a soul changes its mind after being born. It may decide to assist the family or a sibling from the other side. It may decide to wait and be reborn into the same, or perhaps another family, sometime down the line. There are some channels who have had siblings who passed early on and later these became spirit guides for the channel. There is always a reason. To realize that each soul is making these decisions on their own is a beautiful, healing and freeing experience.

Question: When we die/transition, do we ever lose our personality?

Response: You never lose the unique, divine spark that you are.


Question: Are there a pre-destined number of incarnations for us?

Response: No. You can have one "life" or a thousand. You decide for yourselves if you want to reincarnate and when and where you want to reincarnate. No one else makes this decision FOR you. There are no set numbers of incarnations a person must have before they learn what they want to learn or return to Source (All That Is). There is no pre-destiny saying that a soul must experience life as another species or suffer a certain number of events before they are "allowed" to return "home." You also determine that for yourselves because the Source, in its great love and wisdom, gave all free will. You see, it's not about number, but more about quality and choices, and stages of evolution within your own consciousness - remembrance. Once you return to Source you can decide to separate again and reincarnate. Actually, you return to Source each night when you sleep and leave your body. At that time, you decide if you will return to your body and continue in your physical life, or not.

If you choose to reincarnate onto another planet your form will be one that is in harmony with that planet. Each planet has it's own consciousness and vibration with life forms to match. For example, if you were to choose to incarnate upon Venus, you would be in another form, non-physical by Earth standards, with a consciousness that is more in alignment with that of Venus. You can also choose to transmigrate - to become another species on Earth. This is not as common, but does happen. The choices are yours.


Question: Can positive affirmations really work if the subconscious or unconscious mind is saying something different? How can a person change themselves to keep reaffirming affirmations?

Answer: Affirmations can be like any story you tell yourself, only affirmations are more conscious. It is true that if your conscious mind is saying one thing and your subconscious, or unconscious mind is contradicting that, you are in a constant conflict and not going anywhere. How does one change inside? First, by clearing out the stuff, by peeling away the layers, that hangs you up, that keeps you from doing what you would rather be doing. Realizing, in that process, who you are on your own and what you were told by others and took on as your own. This is the time to decide to keep it or lose it. If it isn't working, change it or lose it. Then, the next step is to replace it with what you DO want. You know if you spell a word over and over enough times, you'll automatically remember how it's spelled. Same thing with affirmations. You can literally brainwash yourself into believing them if you want to. BUT, they have to be realistic - not something that can't be accomplished, like "I wish I had a different skin color, or that I was shorter." It has to be something within reason that you can accomplish, otherwise your unconscious, or subconscious, and even conscious mind will not believe it and know it's just a pie in the sky theory. Lastly, to remind and reward yourself for the positive changes that are made, which keeps it going and lasting. The more you acknowledge how you are moving in the direction you wish to go, the easier and more natural it becomes. Surround yourself with caring friends who support you and your changes, and aren't afraid to tell you how proud they are of you and encourage you to keep going. If you have a friend or friends who aren't with you, it makes it a little harder (but not impossible).


Question: The Muslim Fundamentalists believe that if they commit suicide in the process of murdering those who are not Muslim, they will go to heaven and receive all kinds of awards and praises. Is this true?

Answer: Everyone goes to the same "place" after physical death. All those who come those this realm are met and comforted. Those with strong belief systems may continue to carry over these beliefs into this realm, and they are confronted with truth - the truth being the highest vibration and truth that exists - LOVE. When they are able to perceive and experience this unconditional love, compassion and acceptance, they are humbled. This is especially true in the case of suicide terrorists as they will face a very hard lesson on the other side. They realize that what they have done in committing suicide while murdering others involved huge illusions of separation demonstrated as fear, ignorance, anger, arrogance, denial, and rejection of the divine. This isn't within the ability to create for growth and understanding; it provides GREAT opportunities for these things and all life created by God is valued. But, it is what you can consider to be of the lower vibrations, a less preferred path one could choose, and the recovery from such actions can be quite difficult. You see, when the path of least resistance and faster growth is chosen there is less baggage to eliminate and clear understanding is easier to grasp.

Those who were killed by that individual's actions receive great healing and counseling and also have the opportunity to understand themselves, their own fears, and the terrorist's feelings. Those who commit these acts of terror will receive healing and counseling, and then face their own terror with the opportunity to feel what they have done to others, until it dawns on them that all life is divine, all from the same Source - there are no favorites (and this may also apply to some of the so-called "victims"). When these terrorists genuinely apologize for their actions to those who were their targets, they are on their path of real healing. The terrorists will understand how they chose to be in separation from themselves, and others. If their apologies are acknowledged and accepted, the healing is even more rapid and complete. However it is not mandatory nor always possible for the apologies and acceptance of such apologies to occur at the same time. Eventually, a more complete healing all the way around will occur when all involved souls reach a certain point in their growth. What is important is that each soul understand THEIR OWN choices and actions, and the consequences of their actions. My dear friends, whenever the moment of enlightenment occurs, it will be a time of great celebration - a celebration of real truth with love.


Question: Why are some people born with physical, mental or emotional handicaps, or become handicapped during their lives?

Response: For as many people who are challenged in these ways there are that many reasons for it occurring. However, I will give you a few reasons why that happens. The heading for all of these is "Belief and desire to experience." There are some people who desire to experience severe limitation, a narrow focus, in order to expose one or more jewels within them which helps them survive, or blossom in spite of their physical, mental, or emotional state - to beat the odds, so to speak. They so need to restrict themselves, or to be in such great separation (almost as if to want to lose their connection with God) in order to see one positive trait within themselves, and rediscover God within Self and others.

There are others who feel unworthy of having a complete and healthy physical body. Others block off a portion of their own creativity due to other experiences in the body which left them in judgment of themselves. For example, if in one lifetime a person created spiritual paintings but was punished for being a "witch," had their hand cut off and felt completely humiliated by the experience. They bought into the belief that they were not "okay" by creating their artwork and may return to the body with a problem in their hand or arm, or a block in creating artwork, never feeling good enough.

In other cases, a person may be caught in a belief system from another lifetime in which they were handicapped and don't believe there is a way out, so they recreate the same experience over and over. And yes, there is also the case of the person who inflicted harm upon another which resulted in a particular handicap and now wishes to feel what it is like to be the receiver of that punishment. What do they learn from this? Both people have a chance to learn forgiveness and compassion, and to let go and move on.

There are others who are called schizophrenic because they interact with other dimensions. They are overly distracted, or prefer to focus on another lifetime or reality which they separate from their present physical incarnation, and therefore their present incarnation is the most difficult one upon which to focus. They have great difficulties with being fully present in their current physical incarnation. There is much more work to be done in terms of understanding and clarifying the nature of schizophrenia and multidimensionality. In other words, people who are aware of their multidimensionality and can move easily between them and return to full awareness and responsibility of the present, are usually not schizophrenic.

Another experience can be to serve as a teacher of love, patience, compassion, allowance, humility, appreciation of life, and/or for the advancement of science and the healing arts. This is their beautiful gift to humanity. No matter what the conditions or circumstances which create a handicap or dysfunction wherein the body, emotions or mind are not functioning in balance, it is a reflection of what the soul wishes to experience and a tremendous opportunity for growth for themselves and those who come in contact with them. This takes great courage.


Question: What are Ha'Orah's views on "Crawl-In's" and "Walk-In's" with regards to Extraterrestrial support and assistance to Earth and her inhabitants?

Response: Crawl-in is a term that is mistakenly used to explain how souls change places with one physical body, wherein one exits and another enters, without the express permission or knowledge of the one leaving the physical body. (Almost gives one the picture of a "sneak take-over.") Nothing is done without the soul's knowledge and permission.

The rare occurrence of walk-ins occur when there is an agreement between two souls (regardless of location or identification as a human, ET, or spirit) to exchange places. Again, the reasons for this vary. Sometimes it is created simply because one feels they have accomplished what they feel they wanted to and are ready to transition and the timing is right for another soul, who does not wish to experience physical birth or perhaps childhood, to enter the body of the soul getting ready to depart. It is more common for walk-ins to occur during pre-adult years, but not unheard of for it happening in later years. Other times, it is due to these souls deciding, prior to one of them entering the physical body, that they would share in the physical experience, taking turns, bringing forward their individual talents which may assist a project on a global level; one creating the groundwork and the other carrying out the procedure to fruition, or, at the very least, giving it a momentum which will lead to fruition. Often this comes from aspects/counterparts from the same Oversoul.


Question: In the New Testament it talks about "the Fall from Grace." I always heard this was a sin. What is the "Fall?"

Answer: The "Fall" simply refers to the time when beings who were separated from Source decided to lower their vibrational frequency to enter material, physical form. As a light being, your vibration is very high and fast. A physical body is slower. So, in a sense, you "fell" or stepped down the vibration in order that you could experience physicality. This descent, as it were, also creates a certain level of forgetfulness and more illusions of separation from the Source. This was not, is not, a sin. The universe totally supports everything that occurs, therefore how could it be a sin? This was a planned decision. One of the purposes of this decision was to know what it could be like to be a creator in a body.

Another reference to the "Fall" has to do with this group of extraterrestrials who mixed their DNA with those on Earth to create a new human species. (See the question above "How Were We Created"). These extraterrestrials abused their power and the laws of the universe in not honoring free will, and not allowing humans (who were on Earth as an earlier species when they arrived) to evolve on their own. They intentionally appeared to people portraying themselves as THE God, when they were just ETs experimenting, manipulating, and harming people for their own needs. There were both positive and negative outcomes from their interference, too much to explain at this time. But, these extraterrestrials did interefere with free will, which caused their own "Fall," and they have had to deal with this in their own ways ever since, including through their own reincarnations on Earth as humans.


On several occasions I have been asked how one overcomes fears of abandonment to those whom they love. Often these fears originated in the questioner's own childhood and are then transferred to their present mates, friends, and children. Whether or not one can recall how their own fear of abandoment began, one can still change the present with this idea: Live in the present and don't abandon yourself. You can only control yourself and your own responses to situations. Decide what you want to be your reality.

Each soul has their own inner intelligence which guides them on their chosen path. Sometimes that path is rough and sometimes it is smooth, but however it is, it is the soul's choice. One may lose a parent or a child, or be the abandoner, but it is always for one's growth. Trust that EACH SOUL KNOWS what it's doing and let go, relax, trust a little more. No one is expected to be everything for everybody in their lives - actually, this would be impossible - so please stop trying so hard! If you even COULD be everything for everybody, what would the other people's lives be for? Enjoy your lives!


Question: I find that I astral project when I'm asleep and I'm scared. Why does this happen and what do I do when it happens? I feel helpless.

Response: When you go to sleep you are resting your physical body. However, your spirit is very active, temporarily free from being more connected within the physical framework during this time of rest. You are not physically "dead" when you astrally project, because you maintain an electromagnetic connection with your body. You are choosing to remain physically alive.

Through astral projection you learn. You remember that you are more than the physical expression. You can travel anywhere you like. Your soul chooses this - it doesn't happen by mistake or by coercion from another. So, the first thing to realize and accept is that this is your soul's choice. Secondly, you have control over this situation once you realize that you are multidimensional and eternal; that there are other rules at play here than those which exist in the physical world; that this state works through honesty - your deep gut feelings and thoughts; and by releasing fear in favor of self-responsibility, excitement, and choice.

You are in charge of your creations at this level, within astral projection, and you truly cannot escape knowing or experiencing this. Therefore, it is a beautiful lesson in creatorship and how you can work through your fears, find new things which bring joy, and learn to master your own experiences.

How you astrally travels depends upon your will. You "will" where you want to go and what you want to do. If YOU choose to remain on that side, you can release the physical connection, otherwise you will know when it is time to return to your physical body should you desire to maintain it. You may suddenly find yourself "back in your body," or feel a pull to return to it. You may even receive a message from your soul or a guide that it is time to return. You make the decision to return to it, or not, and no judgment is placed on your decisions from our side, either way.

Each time you astrally project you have the opportunity to improve upon your experience of it, to experiment, to fine-tune it, enjoy it, and bring back to the physical what you have learned in the other dimensions.

LETTING GO OF CONTROL ISSUES (i.e., the "pleaser")

Question: How can I get over my need to please everybody?

Response: The need to please signifies a lack of trust and respect for one's self and of another. Even with the best intentions (conscious or not) to "make" others happy, the need to please usually results in dishonesty for all concerned, and places YOUR SELF in the position of actually being controlled by others. What is the hook in this emotional blackmail that you have set up? It is because you fear they will not accept your honesty, that you will not be loved by being honest, or by not fully pleasing them. AND (here's the big one), that you will be alone. One huge illusion here is that happiness only comes through others, or that you are responsible for another's happiness. Another interesting twist in this is that in this way, YOU are being the controller because you don't allow another person to be in charge of THEIR OWN happiness. The result of this is deceit, and it builds even more negative feelings and stress (not to mention exhaustion and, eventually, resentment) in order to keep up the charade.

How does one overcome this? First, by starting to be a little more honest each day and then feeling good about your honesty. It may be a little scary at first, but one more truth each day will set you freer, truly, and you will begin to see the REAL you coming out more and more. Wonder at this self who is being more honest and exposing more of her or his inner nature, soul, and get to know who YOU are, and start trusting that self.

What to do if people aren't used to this "new" you? Be gentle with yourself and them, after all, you've all been used to putting on an show for a long time and it's come to be expected. But, you hold all of the controls now, and you can choose from this day forward how you want to live your life. Will it be by continued deceit, or through LOVING (not brutal) honesty? Will you be willing to allow others to love and accept the real you? And if they can't, will you still be honest and value yourself? Consider this - not being honest means you have to keep remembering the stories you've created...a true heart doesn't have to keep track. It actually lets you off the hook!


Question: I have read, in many channeled messages that the predictions of old, i.e. Nostradamus and The Bible, will not happen as we humans have raised our consciousness and this will prevent the upheaval of the earth. Is this so?

Response: There were many "Bibles," each with many authors and as many viewpoints, all based on the knowledge of the time in which they were written. And all of these written materials are subject to many interpretations, translations, and most certainly mistranslations and misinterpretations. Let's discuss one very popular myth. Armageddon, which means Har Meggido - Mount Meggido, in Israel. This was the site which determined the fate of Asia west of the Euphrates. Megiddo was the center of the Egyptian administration in Canaan, held the most traveled road (a trade route) in the region, and was continuously inhabited for more than six thousand years.

This area had contact and influence in politics and architecture from Akhenaten and King Solomon, and Megiddo was the center of royalty. Battles between the Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians and even the British (during WWI) fought the Turks there. Since it was known for being in the region of one of the cradles of civilization, and because major battles were fought there, its history was told in the Bibles (reflected in the Apocalypse of John in the Book of Revelations [16:14-16]) and based on its history it was assumed that history will repeat itself and a great battle will once again be fought at the end of days between the forces of good and evil. Some religions even preach that only after this war will peace and harmony return to Earth - and you will all be in the Kingdom of Heaven - that is, if you believe this or that. So, many of you have been waiting; waiting for the prophecies to play themselves out - as if you have no hand in it. Then there are organized efforts to encourage this battle to develop because it is believed that this is the only way to achieve Heaven on Earth, or that Jesus will return to Earth and then everything will suddenly be hunky-dory.

Will this come to pass? Have you not already been fighting the forces of good and what you think is evil within and amongst yourselves all along? Do you need to create another HUGE bloody battle scene so that you can finally say: "That's it, it's over. Whew. We, the only righteous ones, are saved! Now we can finally get on with our lives in Heaven as all the demons (i.e., the enemy, all those who don't agree with us) have been destroyed." Do you have to do what was interpreted by some to be "the future" in order to prove that they were right, justifying your religious views?

Look at this symbolically for your Selves right now. What inner demons have you been battling? How can you make peace with your Selves right now so you don't have to have a mega-war? Do you honor diversity on your planet, or fear and destroy it? Heaven is right where you are, but you are so embroiled in keeping separate from each other and condemning what is different about one another that you don't permit yourselves to see Heaven and to act heavenly. You are the angels of Heaven on Earth, who have created your own Hells and who have been battling for millennia. It's up to YOU to make peace - now. Why do you wait for the year of 2012 and another catastrophe? Do it now and you will be living much more Heavenly that much sooner.

The same suggestion holds true for understanding Nostradamus, in that when reading his material one must remember what civilization was experiencing when he had his visions. The Plague had destroyed millions of people and was still in full force when Nostradamus became a physician. He saw death all around him. In many of his visions, that is also what he saw. And yet the Renaissance was at it's peak. People began thinking for themselves, and their minds expanded. It was a time in which the old and new belief systems co-existed - and one important item during this time was that people attempted to challenge the ancient supernatural beliefs through ancient beliefs! So, in many ways, it really wasn't that new, after all. However, humanity was seeking to raise itself and began to experiment in all forms of cultural expression, to stretch beyond it's limits. Most assuredly, it was a time of great highs and lows, accompanied by confusion.

Nostradamus' life was filled with treating disease, watching death all around him, seeing changing politics, having a desire for open knowledge and experimentation versus those entities who desired to keep the knowledge hidden. It was a life filled with stress. And yet here was this brilliant physician and astrologer who sought to help mankind and explore beyond the known realms in order to understand the nature of life, the universe, God.

No doubt you have had a nightmare at least once in your life. No matter how much you tried to understand its meaning, you couldn't understand the symbols. What you saw was foreign to you. Usually, what is deemed foreign is frightening and seen as threat.

Nostradamus had the ability to be a great seer. At times he was clearer than others. He was a channel who wrote down what he saw. But he was tortured by his troubling visions. He didn't understand many of them, frequently misreading the message, and his own fear blocked the way for the real juice to come through; prevented the precision which would have allowed him to more accurately pinpoint potential events. For him this was very new territory. He was also limited by his own consciousness at that time.

What Nostradamus didn't understand, and many of you still don't understand, is that predictions are not definitive outcomes. They are potentials. Predictions are only based upon tuning in to present energies and to see what could happen if the flow of the energy were to continue in the same direction, without alteration. Nostradamus' consciousness was not yet developed enough to understand and accurately interpret everything he saw. And yet he has been acclaimed as being one of the greatest seers of all time. However, reading his words you can see that they are subject to much scrutiny.

One prediction attributed to Nostradamus was the breaking off of California into the sea. This was to occur in the last ten years. The more correct understanding of this prediction would have been the breaking away of the old consciousness into a new one.

Interestingly enough, the fear that was generated by those believing that Nostradamus predicted California would fall off into the ocean created an awareness to a potential future. The fear energy was building, and that alone could have created the disaster of California dropping off the face of the planet. Many people got to work on changing this potential into one that would not have the same outcome. So, however you wish to regard this phenomenon, a crisis was averted.

So, in getting back to the original question - yes, change in consciousness, change in direction of energy, changes the outcome of a potential prediction. If you no longer need to create change in the way you previously thought you needed to you have altered its outcome. When more and more of you have made that choice, the momentum is greater towards change. This is why many channeled beings have encouraged self-knowledge, responsibility, awareness of the connection between all beings, the oneness of all life because what you do not only affects you, but every One.

The Earth is also a conscious, living being connected to you. What you think and feel, the Earth feels, and vice-versa. When you become more attuned to the Earth you can hear, see, feel its rhythms, its natural evolution, its patterns. This is what Rain Dancers do - they sense the coming changes in the weather and celebrate it. When you are more in touch with your Selves you will see your own patterns, rhythms and evolution. When you and the Earth are in synch with one another you will have a better idea of how many weather patterns and Earth changes occur, and then what to expect and where you should be when they do occur. Furthermore, you will understand that your emotions and thoughts are carried out into the cosmos to all of life, and since the Source completely supports your beliefs these thoughts and emotions can become very real being played out for you by the Earth.


Question: Is God a God of fear, as related to in the Old Testament, and how do we get over our fear of God?

The "fear" which is spoken of in the Old Testament can be understood several ways. While people may desire to see or hear God, witnessing the actual event can be overwhelming. One is filled with such awe for the magnificence of that which IS All-Encompassing, it brings one to immediate humility, feelings of inadequacy, and often fear. Here is the paradox - one loves God and wants to experience It, and yet the reality of It is so powerful it is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of It All, coming from a third dimensional frame of reference that one really can't experience but a smidgeon of it.

Yes, religious institutions capitalized upon the word fear to keep control and people "in line." Sadly, this has led to a love-hate, almost schizophrenic relationship with God. How can one be in love and fear at the same time?

When the word is translated into English from the Hebrew as the "fear" of God, in actuality it is more akin to "extreme awe" (ahhhhhh) and "wonderment" combined with "tremendous respect;" to know beyond any doubt that you are in the presence of the Almighty, Itself - and It's no small potatoes, my friends. The phrasing of these passages were written knowing the character of the human being and the reaction that would be invoked upon such an encounter with All That Is which brings you to your knees, peace to your soul, tears to your eyes, love in your heart, to ultimate surrender, joy on your face, and pure honesty from your lips. You tremble with the knowledge of what and who It is, and who you are. So, you were dearly considered and prepared for what you would feel, in advance, and for you to be reminded of the glorious essence and power that is God/Goddess/All That Is. With this explanation, is this still something you wish to get over?

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