My heart goes out to all people affected by the devastating hurricane in the Southern U.S. I encourage those of you who can to help; whether it be by a monetary donation, sending food or supplies for people and their pets, dropping food and clothing from helicopters. Or, handling phone calls for relief agencies, helping people contact family members, or through prayer and meditation.

My intuition has told me that these deadly events, the tsunami and hurricanes, are calling everyone's attention to the water and wind, especially the pollution of the water on this planet. Please read my "Healing Our Water" article that goes more into this. If you want to go ancient gods with this idea, you can see them as Enki (water/Neptune/Poseidan, Oannes, Ptah) and Enlil (wind/night) energies. The water and air NEED purification NOW. Please be prepared for more to come.

Fact Check just put out an excellent summary of what happened well before Katrina developed, and what happened as and after Katrina hit land. There are things in this report that will surprise you.

What I do see (and hope it will continue) is that the government can no longer pretend it doesn't know what's going on with poverty (economics) and neglect. It's embarrassed and exposed now. That's what is motivating it, and thankfully it is helping but a little too late for many. The government can't keep bullshitting people into thinking this country is safer after spending billions on homeland security - if there was a terrorist attack again there is no way the U.S. could respond to it in any decent way. It can't keep justifying spending on war when people at home are suffering. And it's about time people see what's going on. I think Bush and Cheney are heartless and greedy, play favorites according to what will pad their own wallets (and guess who's going to be cleaning up after Katrina? Halliburton! And we're going to pay for it with more taxes.) When the hurricane hit Bush and Cheney were on vacation. Bush spent his vacation avoiding people and important issues like Sheehan. Some brave man, eh? How brave of them to fly over the disaster. (NOT)

America is going through a lot at the moment because many know that the Bush government sucks. Futhermore, there needs to be better planning for crises, and balancing taxes and other costs. The country is finally opening its eyes to see that nothing is better and security isn't security, the war was too high a price, it was all a lie at the people's expense. I didn't vote for Bush - any Bush. Some that did still stand behind him - I just don't get it. I still don't understand why Brown is still part of FEMA. They sent him back to Washington and replaced him in the hurricane disaster area but that guy isn't qualified for the job. He should never have had that job and shouldn't now. How could he get on television four days after the hurricane hit and say FEMA only just found out about people at the Convention Center? Don't they watch the news? Aren't they in touch with the government? Oh, maybe if the governor was a Republican they'd have been there in a flash. This way Bush can say the governor was at fault and come out looking squeaky clean himself.

With all tragedies, we have to look at what can be a positive future in this and help people to move towards that for themselves. The government has to help these people resettle and start new lives - and it will because people are really pissed, and rightly so. It's time to socialize our government a little more. It's time to think and care about ALL the people.

I am more optimistic in some ways...there are people in government who are very clear about the problems and state them well and are seeking good solutions. Colin Powell, for instance, even though he's not in government at the moment, stated this failing was due to economics, and I completely agree. It's not racial. There are many white people who lost everything, too. It's about economics, AND that includes not funding the things that need funding. Had the levee been funded by Bush and repaired and upgraded as warned and suggested, there wouldn't have been such widespread flooding and death and loss of everything. That is the President's fault alone. How can people be surprised with his lack of response now - when 9/11 came he sat there for 7 minutes and didn't say anything, didn't do anything immediately. That's not leadership; that's not caring. What kind of local and state and federal government doesn't order that all buses be used to evacuate people BEFORE the hurricane, giving enough time to plan? Not one or two days. They knew it was coming and ignored it, giving the funding to the war, instead.

The other thing I see that is positive is what happens in all catastrophes - the importance of relationships, family and friends. African American community, as well as the non-African American community, is also waking up and feeling compassion, and realizing the poverty and neglect, and pitching in to help. Aside from some little churches, they are not organized at all, and have lived in their own world of isolation and poverty for too long. I was very happy to see people like Chris Rock get out there and TOUCH people. Chris Rock is a comedian I never liked his routines because his routines felt racist to me, and he never showed any compassion. This event changed him forever, it gave him a heart, and he's a new person and hopefully now his comedy will reflect that and he can be of service now, instead of another angry voice.

The last positive thing I see out of this is that people are being forced to move out and change and leave the past behind, start anew. The areas in the south where the hurricane hit hard with major flooding should not be rebuilt right away, in my opinion. The earth needs to recycle that area and cleanse it. It needs to be totally broken down and recycled. The energy needed to shift there, and it sure has.

Compared to other disasters, like the tsunami this past December, the death toll from Katrina is not very high; 218 at this point. That says something for the structures that do exist and that people were able to get up to their attics and roofs to survive. Those in the tsunami didn't all have that available to them.

There needs to be a new kind of planning when cities are built, and I hope this has gotten into the consciousness of the public, too. Global warming is making more frequent and violent storms, and there are more earthquakes and still volcanic activity to deal with, and homes and cities have to be built with this understanding, of co-existing with the planet and its changes, and with respect for it - stop the pollution that contributes to the warming and destruction of our planet via toxins. The water from the floods are so toxic right now and that will move into the oceans and seep into the ground. And we have problems enough with agricultural land that has been over-produced to where it's not able to produce food anymore. Chemicals from power plants are in the water in New Orleans, adding to the already contaminated water supply. This kind of damage doesn't get cleaned up for a LONG TIME, if ever. Glaciers are melting, reducing the drinkable water supply. People also need to do family planning - don't have kids you can't afford to raise them well and care for them. This is serious stuff and people need to get it. It's about water, air, and food - survival and the future of life on this planet.

I don't know why anyone lives in Florida, either. That place will continue to be under water (as will many coastal regions) and I think the government must create a new law that say that people who build in these areas and/or right on the beaches have to use environmentally safe products and if their homes are lost due to storms and flooding, they're on their own financially. It's not like they don't know the risks of living there and going through hurricanes every year. And they keep building and there aren't enough roads out of there - I mean, that's insanity. It's the same insanity that keeps places like Los Angeles building and taking in more people to live when it just adds more cars and pollution. The answer isn't building another lane on the freeway! Or building thick ugly walls around the freeway to limit noise to people who live right next to it! Aren't they worried about their health? They should not be living right next to the freeway, period. We need to use more and more alternative forms of energy, as well. It's putting a cap on building and population allowed to live in the city, it takes better planning. I don't think our legislators understand this at this point. I wrote to these people and they just don't see it. Should people like this be in our government?

There also should never be only one main highway in and out of a major city. Evacuation "plans" don't work very well because people get stuck on the road for nearly 22 hours, barely crawling along. Not all lanes are open up immediately - there needs to be one lane open for emergencies and those who need to go into a city people are evacuating from, but all other lanes should be open with police monitoring the roads and making sure traffic flow continues at a decent speed.

The same changes are happening all over the world - these radical changes have been going on for more than ten years and places like India, Turkey, Iran, and so on, are getting the message because they aren't building safely to withstand large quakes or storms. They don't have emergency planning. So, more large quakes come and hit the areas forcing them to take note and change. Japan has been one of the major places that is hip to this and has been making the changes. California has, too, in terms of building and road safety. I expect this will go on around the world for some time. Poverty has to be dealt with and not by sending people to another country to live because one's own government isn't being responsible, because people in a country don't get involved.

So, I hope you are waking up more and more to what's going on, what has been neglected, and get out there, voice your opinions and do something to make a better change for the future for ALL people.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, Senator Feinstein from California made the following excellent statement: read it at her site.

Update Sept. 12:
Good news - Michael Brown resigned from FEMA today.

Update Sept. 13:
President Bush on Tuesday said he takes responsibility for the federal government's failures in responding to Hurricane Katrina. "Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all levels of government and to the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility," Bush said during a joint news conference with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani. Bush said he wants to know what went right and what went wrong so that he can determine whether the United States was prepared for another storm, or an attack. "I'm not going to defend the process going in, but I am going to defend the people who are on the front line of saving lives," Bush said.

Lightworkers - get a map of the southern U.S., watch the news, or watch photos of the events on the internet and send energy that way. Lots of love and light and balancing energies. Feel where it is most needed and use your hands and intention to send it there. It will be received by who needs it and used in the way it needs to be used. Do not judge how it is to be used. Thank you.

© Copyright 2005, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani