By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani With Enki/Vibrani
June, 1997
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without my written permission.


I hope you have been having a fresh, sweet-smelling, fun and passionate Spring, thus far. I have been enjoying it immensely. So many new things popping up where you'd least expect them to! And some, exactly where they are expected to be.

I'd like to start this article off with a response to a delightful person who asked, "Enki, do you still have the "Divine MEs?" Let me answer this very important question by giving you a little background information on the MEs. These MEs are crystals and hold data can best be likened to your modern day computers. From your computers you have the ability to be supplied with years upon years of information. The MEs are similar to a computer in that they store information - Universal knowledge, which includes consciousness. And the one who holds the ME can immediately receive, holographically inplanted within their mind, the full knowledge of whatever they desire to know or create.

Our Anunnaki family possessed these ancient, Divine MEs. Perhaps you have read or heard stories about how Inanna (being the sharp little princess she is) pulled the wool over my eyes and swiped them from me. Well, she was quickly caught red-handed with her mischievous deed. But, we were so proud of her chutzpah (courage, guts) we let her have her own set of MEs.

Today we have them but a little differently. Those of our family (such as my channel) who are our multidimensional aspects in human form have the crystals and they are within their DNA. They are walking libraries of knowledge.

Why do we bring this up? First of all, because we want say that that you, too, have this knowledge within yourselves because we share the same DNA. This is now being activated within you. Secondly, because we love the computer idea so much (because they remind us of how our MEs work). We enjoy checking out your systems, seeing what they are made of, how they function and how everyone on the Earth connected to the web is creating new consciousness, further activating your own cells in remembering more, connecting more with what you are and can access yourselves.

Oftentimes, we pop into chat rooms, access information in much the same way you do. We love to see what's going on and participate with you there in the form of sharing.

During the past few years, members of the Anunnaki family - our multidimensional selves on Earth - have been reuniting. We are reconnecting in magical and exciting ways. A marvelous way in which we have been popping through and connecting with one another is via the internet. Individuals who have found this place, Vibrani's One Source, are feeling connections to the Anunnaki. This is helping awaken you to more of who you are. Then, something (like your higher selves) guides you to seek out others of like mind in other locations on the web, chat rooms, to further open up your own cellular memories, bring in new consciousness, too. All of these things activate the MEs with all.

Lately, my favorite niece, Inanna, and I caught a few energy waves together. We have been coming through the internet and getting to know many of you, and many of you are becoming familiar with us! Oh, yes! Surfing the web with Enki and Inanna! Can you just picture us? Ahahaha, what a sight, indeed; Inanna's blue skin, me in my green and gold skin (today). Great surfing music in the background! Oh, you must see our silver surfboards! Exquisite! Delicious. We are having a wonderful co-creation with all of you in this manner and we thank you for speaking, seeing, writing, sharing with us. Each time we interact, we all learn something new. When we come through our channels, Nora and Susan, well, it also gives a new meaning to the phrase "channel surfing!"

I learned something new just this past week, too. And that is - sometimes we Anunnaki tend to forget that not everyone is hip to "our" chat! (And I don't mean ancient Nibiruan dialects!) What is "our" chat? We can use the term "Nak-Talk"- short for Anunnaki communication. It is a language on its own comprised of love, light, symbols, geometry, sound, color, elements, movement, passion. It is a code. It is one facet of how the crystal MEs within us operate here and now. (It's within you, too.)

Nak-Talk involves and invokes feelings. For example, just mention the word chocolate to an Anunnaki, and oh see what happens! Jewelry is another magical word! We are especially fond of calling one another expressions of love, such as the Hebrew word "moteck," which means "sweetie." YUM. We do enjoy tossing those around a lot, because it makes us feel so good!

Nak-Talk also involves the use of body language, especially the hands and arms - how they move. Naks usually will use their hands, especially to music, in a fashion that is like a belly or flamenco dancer - cupped hands, rotating wrists, spiral-like movements, sudden bursts of shooting the hand up above the head. It is quite expressive, actually. This language is also filled with passion and moving that energy with the use of the hand or hands. One might even look at this usage as being a language of giving letters in a code from an ancient alphabet. One man on your planet (Stan Tenen) has been rather accurate in "decoding" this aspect of the language.

In regards to the spoken or written language, there are other words that trigger within us memories of other times and places, most of them quite funny! (Once in a while, not so funny). But, we code one another back and forth, often in other languages, such as Hebrew, Arabic, Hindu, French, Spanish, Swedish or German. And once in a while some of the languages we may use haven't been spoken on Earth for a long time, like Dragonese. This ability comes from accessing our inner MEs.

Now, when we chat this way, we are also healing ourselves. In this way we are able to release energies from our past by integrating them through this sort of play, and then creating new energetic paradigms. I'll let you in on a little secret: Lately, lot of healing has been going on in chat rooms! But, again - any healing requires co-creatorship, self-awareness, honesty and a desire to participate responsibly. Alas, some players are taking their time with their personal healing, but enjoying it nonetheless!

When we identify another Anunnaki on-line, we naturally revert into our peculiar chat mode. For us, it feels as if we haven't done this in centuries! We relish it. It is our recreational playtime. It is SO MUCH FUN!!! And it builds and builds and builds! The energies increase and our Vibrani energy fmlls the airwaves and the computer terminals with amazing light forms! All who are tapped in at that moment can feel it. ZAP! The energy shifts dramatically. We adore it, and we understand it. But, those not aware of this chat have no idea what's going on and they may become : puzzled, intrigued, overwhelmed, disgusted, overjoyed, eager, awkward, bored or put off.

Please excuse us. We are not trying to exclude any one of you. We love all of you! Sometimes we just get very involved in it and forget that others don't realize what's happening. And should you find yourself in such a position, please speak up loudly and clearly -- let us know how you are feeling. We can, and will, adjust the frequencies, change the chat, or help you ride the wave with us if you are so inclined. Might take you on a ride you've never experienced before! Then again, if you choose not to hop on this wave, we won't feel offended! There are plenty of other waves and surfboards out there to choose from - and in so many colors and flavors!


What is going on can be called "triggering." The language and vibrational resonance, feelings, created in this vortex of chatting triggers those on-line in opening cellular memory. This enables you to know more about us, yourselves, your divine heritage, your own MEs, the oneness of All That Is, Prime Creator. Okay, if that isn't clear enough I will elaborate a bit. We speak the language of passion, joy, love, light. This comes through with the words we choose to communicate. These words trigger even more passion, love, creative/sexual energies.

These are energies that have been mostly lying dormant within you due to years and years of suppression from belief systems. Belief systems such as those that say sexual/creative energy, passion, are sinful, or wrong, or to be used sparingly, denied, or for special purpose only. That is respected. But if they have many limitations placed on them they have little outlet for their expression.

This is when your female receptive and creative side is out of whack with your male productive side, the male who manifests the creation. So, with these limitations placed on them, no where to go after they build and build and build up, what happens? What is one to do with them? How can you release them in a positive way? And how do you know if you're in touch with your passion, receptivity, creativity and manifestations?


The doorway into any creation is through PASSION. One way in which we bring passion through is in our way of chatting. And with that passion we can create ANYTHING we desire! It is all about how creation is born and manifested! If many of you have been feeling frustrated, or aimless, low energy, depressed, it may be because you are not allowing yourself to feel and express your passion!

Passion, as an energy, is very potent. It helps you trigger (and connect with) your own DNA, your own MEs at this time. Passion will move pyramids to create art, music, books, new life, find cures, be in service as a healer, educate, garden, decorate, build new world systems - anything. When you allow your passion to flow and use it to help you create what you are passionate about, you will have less fear, be healthier, happier, feel more self-empowerment, more autonomous, have more enevgy and feel fulfilled because you are tapped into your divine selves. And your divine energy is abundant and always available.

What happens when your natural passion energy doesn't flow? It can stagnate you, it creates an energy build-up, or energetic blocks in your emotional, mental, spiritual or physical bodies, and ones which may result in illness. All because you are not in your true element, fully being your own divine, exciting, fun, creative master! Only YOU place the limitations on yourselves!

This is not an energy that has to be forced. It comes naturally, and if you allow it to flow through you in your creativity it will easily come through and enable you to manifest your creations. It fulfills itself that way. Nor will you retain a build-up from excess energy.


Now, I hear some of you say, "Aw, Enki, don't hold out on us, again! Can't you just tell me the facts, because I don't have the time or knowledge to figure all of this out for myself!" AHA! That won't work here. You DO know yourselves - if you just get back in touch with yourselves! Trust yourselves and your natural abilities. FEEL IT!

What is your heart saying? What is it you REALLY want to be doing and are not doing right now? What is your body telling you? Where do you feel passion form in your body? How do you want to express it? Listen to it. It is speaking to you for a darn good reason! And for each of you it will have a different message because you are all unique expressions of All That Is! And All That Is is pure love, passion, creativity, excitement, movement that enables you to manifest it here on Earth! So - what are you waiting for? Access your own MEs and GO FOR IT!

So, if we may meet on-line and you hear us speaking those funny sounding words (Nak-Talk), know that it is given to you and ourselves in love, carrying divine frequencies, triggering all of us into remembering more about who are: unlimited, passionate, loving, exciting, sexual/creative beings!

At this timing, I bid you farewell. It has been a real pleasure sharing with you. Cranking up the music and I am off on my golden surfboard, following my passions wherever they may lead me! Look out - here I come!!! (You know, I love that California energy so much!)

Hanging forty! YEOWWW!

© Copyright 1997, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani, All Rights Reserved.