MIRACLES - Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani


By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
January 4, 2006
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These are some preliminary thoughts that probably will be expanded upon for a future article on miracles.

The term "miracle" is showing up all over the place this week. One time was the end of an article in which a man is suing to prove that the Catholic church is deceiving people teaching that Jesus existed as an historical figure, when another man says he did. The one who brought the lawsuit says that "it would take a miracle to win" this case.

"We had a miracle taken away," said the people who lost their family members in a mine disaster this week. I wonder if people could recognize a miracle, if one did occur? Do they still think that Jesus or God is on their side? Did their praying do any good? (In no way am I disrespecting those who lost their lives, or not feeling compassion for those who lost family and friends. This is even more of a tragedy because we still don't have alternative energy sources and have to keep digging up the earth.)

Some miners got out right away and this morning one more was rescued and survived. Is that a miracle, or just luck, or that he was young and in better health than the others, or in a better location to survive, or had less injuries than the others?

Maybe it would be a miracle if people stopped putting their useless faith in nonsense? The media leaked a story that mine officials said they hear communication from the men trapped in the Virginia mine. It wasn't true, it was misunderstood communication/miscommunication, and people believed that the men were alive. Did the mine officials want to believe, so they thought they heard something that didn't exist? Did they hear anyone? But everyone jumped around joyfully wanting to believe it was a miracle only to be horribly shattered by the news that all in the mine, except for one, died. What miracle was taken away? Belief? Faith? False hope? I think that a lot of what's happening has to do with belief and how people eagerly accept what is told to them, instead of trusting what they feel or intuit on their own.

Miners know the dangers every time they go into the earth; they put their lives on the line every time. Their families know the risks of death or illness, even with the best safety measures taken. What miracle did people expect and was taken away? People are terrified of death, as if it's the very worst thing that could happen to an eternal soul. They identify only with the body, not the spirit. They do not trust in the Source at all because everything that happens is by a creation of the Source and they don't see it.

Maybe it's a miracle that there were any survivors? Maybe everything that happened was part of the plan? How do people view their ideas of what God is after this? Do they still believe God plays favorites with some people and punishes others?

Maybe people need to reevaluate what are God and miracles. At least one person is doing that: Casto said the tragedy has shaken the faith of some in the community. "We have got some of us ... saying... that we don't even know if there is a Lord anymore," she said. "We had a miracle, and it was taken away from us." And GW is sending people his prayers! People still don't know what God is, but maybe this is a start to finding out.

I just heard the word miracle used again: this time in regards to the condition of Arial Sharon. His aids are hoping for a miracle.

How many miracles have you witnessed or been a part of in your lifetime? Do you believe in miracles? How do you think miracles occur? Do you believe your prayers order the Source what to do? Do you see our planet as magical?

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