By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
August 25, 2008

"Great spirits often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds." --- Einstein

I've written about the conflicting and often negative energies on the Internet plenty of times in the past. Unfortunately, I see that these energies persist on site after site. What is driving these negative energies? What are these energies doing to us? How do we change them? Here's a brief article on this subject - not wishing to replay my previous articles on the subject.

I find that there are three basic differences in people and how they view life and the world. There are those who feel that all is hopeless and everything is wrong; there are those who are not here nor there, but somewhere in-between; and those who are aware there are problems but are actively working to shift them - optimists.

The negative group is the culprit of spreading sickness through the Internet because they thrive on complaining and being victimized. They cannot and will not see a single positive thing in life. Furthermore, they feel it is their job to drag everybody else into this hopeless, empty pit of hell with them. Here's how you can find them: type something positive about the world or spread a message of love to someone, and they will jump right in and post an abusive comment about it. Abuse, angery, control are their M.O. - the way they operate, the only thing they know, and yet they don't think they're being abusive. They think they're being realistic and are somehow solving the massive world's problems (all of which they had nothing to do with - from their perception) with their complaining. They don't offer real solutions, mind you, they just complain and sit on their butts all day long. Self-righteous martyrdom. They don't understand how they are creating more problems.

How does that effect us? It effects us in every way - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. These are energy vampires who literally suck out the life of people and after reading their posts or having online conversations with them, we often feel tired, sticky, ill, or sad. Their depressing energies surround us. So we need to clear out those energies by bathing or using other clearing techniques.

How do we change these energies? The important thing for us to remember here is that these energy vampires are pretty clueless about who they are and what they're doing, and they really don't care about anybody else. The energies of love and light make them cower in fear because they're so disconnected from their Source, their soul. And, they are so comfortable in feeling powerless and living in their delusions of truth that they are usually closed to anything different. How to get them to see themselves, to become aware enough to realize they can change?

Changing one's attitude is the first step in gently guiding people into change. Just one little shift in how a person phrases things can make a huge difference. Such as more openness; a generalized "no one" to "some", or a blanket statement to thinking in possibilities. Or, not commenting at all unless they can find something positive to say. Help them recall one good thing that happened today, and recall two tomorrow - build on it. Returning to the light isn't always easy or quick. As I've frequently stated, the more our planet shifts into the light, the more the darker energies feel threatened and will fight it. It's not your job to change others, but you can help if you feel there is a request and an opening. If it's too much, respect yourself, back away and let the person be. Some day, some way, they will get it.

This is also about ourselves. We need to be true to ourselves and not allow those energies to draw us in thereby empowering the darkness. Then we'd be as lost as they are. The continuous cycle of violence done by those vamps is damaging to everybody. It does take the courage to care to be honest with one's self - to get out of one's narcissistic brain and become empathic. A few of my friends and I have been through the mill with this over the years, and we have learned to be more self-loving and laugh and see the folly of those claiming to know it all (and they usually have these very spiritual nicknames), as they blast one person after another and live in negativity. They take it so seriously, too. It is easy to fall prey to it - I know - but we must be vigilant and clear about our own intentions. Don't let them bully you. Be strong, know you are strong, and stay in the energies of love, light, and joy. The hypocrisy is a two-sided coin, but we prefer to laugh and continue the light work, and we're healthier and happier for doing so. As we do, we are encouraging others to do the same (such as those in the middle), and empowering the light even more. There is a LOT of love and light and we have every right to celebrate them.

© Copyright 2008, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani