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August 29, 2002
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Declaring a position and philosophy can take you to a new state of consciousness. For, declaring, without vitriol, plants you among the greater meaningful courageous. However being open to adding to and altering your philosophy gives you ("one") a far greater wisdom of bearing and stature.

I speak on this in response to political conflicts that will be rising even strangely higher. Within your country there is a climate of desiring unity and solidarity as a result of 9-11-01 events; so, the need for opposition to unilateral and narrow thought (will) may bring additional complex conflict. And the strangeness refers to an embittered congress. My name is Gilgamesh. However, being willing to declare and state openly one's position, as stated earlier, will help the situation.

Anyone for finding the meaningful courageous? Find them in your meditations to bring them forward, they are needed. Diplomacy in the world's hotspots needs to be developed to a new level, not threats but a firm realistic stating of non-destructive world views is necessary.

Questioner in attendance: What do you mean by your earlier use of the word "vitriol"?
There is an impulsive righteous indignity among world leaders - this is what is referred to in vitriol consciousness.

Comment by attendee: (paraphrased) There is a response to certain world events by leaders of this country to react with righteous indignation. The old paradigm was to exercise power through conquest, and the new paradigm is to be integration through compassion.

Gilgamesh continues:
Mankind is growing beyond many of its leaders in willingness to find alternate solutions, alternates to war that is. Meaningful understanding between polarized religious systems and compassion has become imperative. And, and, and bridges between the modern world and the third world countries must be built: in education, technology, science, delegating food sharing without (economic) financial motivation, and finally medical sharing that is sincerely caring for one's fellow "man."

You can visualize these bridges being built, even some of them being built by the United Nations. The visions ere needed at this, this, this, time. Give them life before, before, before 9-11-02 important indeed.

Thank you and share this if you please.

--- A Caring Soul Named Gilgamesh of the Understanding Ones,
Thursday, August 29, 2002

© Copyright 2002, Shawn Randall