By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
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I'm starting this public long on December 30, 2002:
I am not a fortune teller. I don't make predictions, unless it's about earthquakes. But, I'll get to that in a moment. With everything else, I see probable futures. These are based on how the energy is at this moment, and if it continues in the same direction it will have a certain outcome by our co-creating it. The thing about predicting the future is that no one really can, because we can always change it. I have had many prophetic dreams throughout my life, with varying levels of accuracy which I attribute to what I'm specifically tuning into (and some of the information may, therefore, fall by the wayside), or that others have had similar visions and together we changed the outcome for the future. I will add my new dreams or OBEs on this page if I feel they can be of some help. These are some of my visions but not necessarily definite outcomes - because that is up to us to co-create.

March 12, 2004:
I had a very strange warning dream early this morning. There was a forced evacuation from a part of California. It didn't feel like L.A., but like Long Beach or San Francisco, or San Diego something right on the water that had several inlets. I was there with my family and we were watching this area become more deserted as people were packing up and leaving. I saw red blinking lights in the distance. It was like our own government said there would be a nuclear event - but it seemed as if they were the ones creating it. I don't know the reason why, though. They gave people several days to move out.

The weird part about it was that the government warned people living in that particular area to move out. It wasn't all of California. This could have to do with a nuclear power plant - and that could very well be and would explain the lights I saw.And I watched with emotions that kept changing from a bit of fear to observation, to not panic but being calm, to realizing a higher energy present, to the awareness of certain game plans.

It's a good time to do some healing work to fend off negative vibes here. Maybe just awareness and talking about it will help prevent something from happening, or shift it to something else.

August 28, 2003:
On August 28 I had this dream: I am on the planet Mars at the beach surrounded by an arced glass building. From the distance I see waves building, higher and higher, coming in. There is no time to do much to escape them. They come crashing over the glass building. But, as they crash, the ocean somehow manages to toss out fire balls, like lava, scattering them all over. I scream to the people to get out. Most don't manage to get out. If the water didn't get them, the fire did. It was horrible. I kept dodging the fire and somehow was able to survive this very bizarre experience. I think I recalled Mars' destruction.

For those aware of how thoughts create reality, this is a good time to be centered and focus on being calm, and reflect on how we value life. Change does not have to be catastrophic and deadly.

July 7, 2003:
During the day, we are at this house, going inside and outside, and there are other folks around, and I see a plane a passenger jet, flying maybe about fifty feet above the ground, almost parallel with the ground. Something is not right because it should not be flying so low and I know that this place is trying to land. The area around is like a large field. It makes a sliding/crash landing behind a hill, not far from where we are - I only hear it and see smoke. I don't see the actual crash. Coming and going in-between all of this are parts of a plane or shuttle - almost like missiles or booster rockets, that have separated and fallen from the main unit and they are crashing to earth. They land not far away, too. No one in our group is hurt but we are concerned about those who might be on these crafts and any possible fire. End of dream.

July 8, 2003:
News services report plane crash in the Sudan. "Only one child has survived," government spokesman Abdel Hamid Abdeen told CNN. The plane, a Boeing 737 on an internal flight, came down Tuesday morning shortly after takeoff from the Red Sea town of Port Sudan in the northeast of the country. "This is a very very tragic accident," Abdeen said. "A big human loss." The plane came down in wasteland about 5-6 kilometers from Port Sudan airport. No damage or casualties have been reported on the ground. The pilot reported "technical difficulties" about 10 minutes after the plane took off on a domestic flight to Khartoum and crashed a short time later as he tried to return to the Port Sudan airport. "The pilot contacted the tower and decided to return to the airport. While trying to land, the plane crashed," he said. Abdeen said that as far as he was aware the plane had no history of technical problems.

I seem to have a knack with knowing when quakes will come and magnitude they will be, and usually I get this information several days before the quake. As a few examples: One of the first times I recall feeling a quake in advance was in 1971. I woke up from a dream about a huge quake in California. I told my college roommate, who awakened when I got up startled. Five minutes later, the quake hit. The 1994 quake was something I felt coming a year before. Then it got intense a week in advance. A group of channels and myself did energy work on my birthday, which was four days before the quake, to try to eleviate earth pressure. Several hours before the quake hit us, I had an OBE with the Greys (and I told them to hit the road). Five minutes before the quake, a voice woke me up and shouted for me to get out, that this was the big one. I got my family up and out of bed as the quake started and we were out of the house before the furniture fell. Had we stayed where we were, we would have been seriously injured or killed.

The last two large quakes I felt coming would be in China this month, and a 7.9 in Alaska on November 2, 2002. I had dreamed of the one in China just before it hit. I am approximately 16 hours behind China's clock and was sleeping when it occurred. When I woke up, I knew there had been a quake in China. I called the "time" to calculate the exact time it hit and compare it to my dream. Four days before the quake in Alaska. I "saw" a newspaper with the entire story of the quake, the time it hit and its magnitude. I wrote around to several friends to ask if they had heard of this quake on Thursday, but they hadn't. Together we checked Cal Tech's earthquake site and other sources on the internet, but there had been no quake in Alaska. I couldn't understand it because for me I had already seen the report of it. But, the quake didn't come until Sunday, and it came at the exact place, time and magnitude I saw on Thursday. (This is documented in emails.) That was one of the freakiest predictions I had ever had because seeing a newspaper in front of my face with the entire detailed story four days before the event was really different for me. I can't sit down and say to myself, "Okay, where and when will there be a big quake," and the answer appears. It doesn't happen like that. It just comes to me anyway it can, when I'm open.

In a series of dreamtime experiences that involved the ability to access the Akashic Records, I found myself in the center of a circle of twelve beings, who were wearing colorful indigeous outfits (each one different), sitting cross-legged. It was like we were on a cloud. They had faces of all times and places, wisdom and love, and tremendous strength. Their faces weren't solidly fixed, so their features kept changing. This was the Council of Twelve. They said to me, "Ask!" I was taken aback. Ask what? Again they stated, "Ask - and you shall receive the answer to anything you wish to know." This first experience was so shocking to me psychically that my rational brain kicked in and I found myself awake in my bed. The Council is a representation of the highest knowledge and I was told that I had earned the right to be in their presence because my consciousess had evolved enough to handle it and respect it. This Council represents Creation.

The next time I was told to ask, I did ask LOTS of questions. For several nights I was given huge volumes of tomes to digest. I read all of them - and these books told me about everything from the beginning to the present and beyond. I can't recall everything I read, because it's so overwhelming, but the knowledge is inside of me and is there when I need it.

Back in February of 1971, I was at school in San Diego. One morning I was having a bad dream about a huge quake and woke up at five minutes to six. My dorm roomate asked me what was wrong, (as by this time she knew I had psyhic experiences), and as I was telling her about my quake dream and suddenly it felt like the room lifted up and was shifted and placed down again. We looked at each other and wondered if that was a quake. We went back to sleep for another hour and got up and ready for classes. I turned on the radio and there were reports of a huge quake in L.A. It was amazing we felt a jolt so strong in San Diego.

In 1993 I had a dream about an 8.0 quake. Some connection in my dream between Los Angeles and Guatemala. When I asked the entity Bashar about it, he said that it was something coming up in the near future around L.A. and would not say anymore about it - that was to be for future discussions. The week prior to the 1994 quake, I had some very strange interdimensional experiences that I wrote about in ET Experience.

The week prior to September 11, 2001, I had a dream (an OBE into the future) in which I was at a military base. I was invited into a special viewing room where I could watch aircraft take off and land. I saw jets, helicopters, an ET craft. In the room with me were around 15 people. Suddenly, the glass window through which we saw the aircraft closed up - a brick wall moved into place and blocked it. I looked around and realized that the place was in an emergency lockdown situation. The President's plane had landed and the base was sealed off. Urgency was in the air and people were scurrying around. I walked out of the viewing room and a female guard at the door (who somehow emitted an extraterrestrial vibe) gestured to me to follow her, if I choose to. I shook my head, no thanks, smiled and walked quickly away. Something big was up and I needed to be out of there and go be with my family. I did not know at that time why I saw what I did. I didn't know when what I saw would take place, but I knew it was going to be soon. During that week before 9/11, I spoke with friends of mine who are also psychic and they had their own visions of a coming disaster. Some saw buildings being hit by planes. Some saw thousands dying. Each of us had a piece of the puzzle, but we weren't sure exactly where or when this would happen. We were all on edge that week. I had had strong pulls to New York, but I didn't have any idea that the pull could involve a catastrophe.

People have asked me what I see for the future, particularly the year 2012. Some say that time, or the earth, will end then. I have never seen that time or the planet will be destroyed then. I have seen many changes take place; geologic as well as architectural; scientific as well as cultural. In 1996, I did a future progression in a hypnotherapy class. Here's what I saw:
New York's skyline had changed, but I couldn't put my finger on why it had changed. I saw a pyramid (which I found out after 9/11 is where the Twin Towers had stood). Further on in the future in New York I saw a new subway system that worked like a monorail with a new kind of track. Very modern architecture could be seen from the distance in Manhattan.

Ten years ago I dreamed of a huge tidal wave coming into the city. I saw floating bodies and cars, and tons of debris. Bodies were rising up from under the water and washing inland. I was viewing it from above the water. It was horrific. When I asked spirit if this dream was a memory (even though there were modern things in the dream, like cars), or if it was of something to come, I was told it was something to come but they wouldn't tell me when or where. I always assumed it would be where I lived.

A really fun vision I had was an OBE to Venus. What I saw was later documented in the news and scientific journals.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris and London were under some kind of attack. There were fires everywhere and lots of fear and worry. There was an element trying to create war and poverty, food was scarce. This seemed limited to England and France, however. It also felt like it could be prevented.

The area around Kansas had undergone some kind of devastation - couldn't tell if it was due to a nuclear disaster, or weather, or geophysical events (like a sudden volcano springing up or tornadic winds that brought fires), but the area was desolate, flattened, blackened, dried out, and deserted.

I saw extraterrestrial ships coming here and helping us bore holes into mountains with lasers to create new roads and passes where there were none.

In Jerusalem, there would be a progression of wars between the Arabs and Jews. By 2012, I was standing there watching smoke fade away and I looked up into the sky. I saw my spirit family there, and all of the spirits of the leaders of the major religions. We smiled at each other and they said I was joining them by being on the Earth plane. I knew everything would be fine. I signaled to people in Jerusalem to look up. Stop and look. They looked up. Some couldn't see the spirits at first, but then their eyes adjusted and they could see them clearly. Everyone gasped, was astonished, didn't know what was happening. As everyone watched, the spirits glowed in a golden light and white light came out of their center and that was filled with love and tremendous power. The telepathic message that came from me and the spirits to the people was to see that all is of the same Source, all is one, to unite, and to be in peace with each other. More and more people came and saw the spirits, huge in the sky. Everyone stared in awe and realized they were witnessing a miracle. Their vision had gone multidimensional and consciousness instantly shifted and the vibration on the planet was raised/increased. It was as if everyone finally got it, finally got the message of what God is - and that is love. There was no point in fighting one another because it's just fighting yourself. It was fantastic! By 2013, a new way of living had begun.

Interpretation: When people realize that when they ARE peace, have peace within themselves, have more compassion, they will be of a higher vibration and therefore more open to seeing multidimensionally. The people's ability to become peaceful enabled their vision. 2012 will be signal a drastic shift in our planet as we will no longer be "off limits" to extraterrestrial beings. Therefore, we will have to be more centered, more clear, personally empowered, able to see all these beings as our equals so that we can decided what we truly want with them.

When I was in high school, the question was posed in a classroom, 'Do you think we are headed for global warming or a new ice age? I was the only person who said ice age. I still think that is coming. In the 1990s in my hypnotherapy class, I had progressed myself up until 2056, so I know there will be an Earth at that time, albeit a different kind of Earth. I saw Los Angeles in the future with some geophysical changes. I saw the cars of the future. I saw how health had changed - improved dramatically due to the findings in genetics and utilizing more holistic cures - in fact, disease was much rarer. I saw people working more from their homes and taking more time to enjoy life. I also saw the city as being less crowded. People had moved to other regions that had previously been uninhabited. It looked good. And that was my vision of the future. Yours may be different. Then again, maybe we share the same vision.

I feel that those who have had enough of war, enough of playing out polarity games, enough of abuse, can join together with the will to change our future into one of more harmony, peace, love, safety, and more abundance of the good for all. Seeing something in a future vision gives us the opportunity to decide if we want to change the future. It just takes a few minutes of our time each day to focus on what we want to create for our world. Give it your attention every day, for however long you desire, and do it with complete conviction, no doubts. Speak it out loud, say it in your head, feel it in your heart. All we need to do is reach critical mass in order to slide us into a new reality of our co-creation. I do not think our planet will go up in smoke in the near future because I don't think we want that to happen.

March 31, 2005:
I had a very interesting dream this morning. I was viewing the inner earth 7 miles down, while a quake took place 8 miles deep. I saw the ocean and I saw that what happens is there is this burp, this bubble thing, and then the energy becomes like a spiral and creates an interdimensional vortex so things in that particular place will be suddenly sucked into another dimension and will appear to have vanished from this one. Then they return but they are placed in a slightly different place from where they were when they were sucked. Like a little higher up. I did not see this as anything frightening or negative.

Last night/this morning (May 8, 2005) I had an exquisite dream about ETs. This was sort of similar to a dream (OBE) I had in 1987 and wrote a poem about ("1Am/Winter Lullabye" which is in my Cosmic Poetry section). I dreamed I saw space ships coming. They would fly over my head and go a few miles away and hover there, waiting for others to join them. I instantly knew this was their plan. At the same time, I was saying how I had to call NBC to let them know what was happening; I told people around me what would be coming next - they would flash their lights and then start making drawings/patterns in the sky with their lights. The ships began flashing and I yelled out, "Here they come!" They then flew above us and made the most gorgeous pictures with their lights, even the full on action of fireworks going off in beautiful patterns, like sprays. Then they made figures, human shapes, all kinds of shapes like constellations with their armadas. It felt so fantastic, so positive, so loving, so joyful, a real celebration...heavenly. It was one of those very clear and peaceful moments when all felt right.

November 27, 2006:
I had a dream that seemed more like an out of body experience. I was near the Arctic. I was on a road, driving next to the ocean. The sky had lots of clouds, there was snow and ice around, the ocean was very wavy and choppy and not far from where I was I saw an Orca come up out of the water. It had been eating and it's mouth had blood in it. Then I saw another Orca. I kept driving towards the East and water from the ocean was coming onto the road, but I was safe. I saw one Orca after another surfacing - it was a huge pod of them. I kept pointing and shouting out, "Look, there's another one!" They were very large, like Orcas are, and I felt I was in their world. It was a very odd dream for me. I do feel connected to whales, very much so, I feel I understand them and their languages. I have often drawn the whale as one of my animal totems. But I hadn't thought about whales in a while and this came out of nowhere. The feeling I had watching them was great respect for them, seeing them as they truly are. I didn't feel threatened at all by them. I felt they were allowing me to see them. I also had the feeling they might be organizing - something is going on that is affecting them, but I had no more information. My feeling is that they want us to see them as equals; we're on the land, they're in the sea - but we're the same in essence.

May 22, 2007:

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote in here - so I'll add one of my future dreams. Exactly a week ago I dreamed that Jordin Sparks won the American Idol contest. In my dream I was watching Israeli television making the announcement in Hebrew. How's that for odd?! On Wednesday night she made it into the finals. Now we'll see if she actually wins the entire gig. I hope so. I really like her and voted like crazy for her.

June 2, 2007:
Dreamed of a large quake in Egypt, 8.0.

Tomas has his page sharing his own future visions. Check them out.

June 6, 2008:
Dreamed I saw a report of a 5.6 quake in Nevada.

March 30, 2009:
Last night I had an interesting dream. I was with Adam Lambert and the American Idol group at a party. Adam Lambert was talking with me because he wanted advice about relationships. He is tall, alright. Very nice guy - amazing energy. This party was held somewhere in L.A. in the hills and the house was a combination of modern and Spanish. The upper part was like the 60s style - square boxy architecture, grey house, and to get in one would go from the street inward along the side of the house on the left and then the entrance was to the right. Then there were stairs going down to other rooms and the garden. Along a path there was a brick walkway with an iron gate covered with ivy and a Spanish cottage. I went there to use the bathroom. When I got to this small house I recognized it as having been there before and knew the owner. She is a well-known writer. I walked into this cottage and talked with her. I don't know the schedule of the people on the show or what they're doing aside from seeing them each week on the program. I wonder if they did have this party. I'd like to find some kind of info about the house, too. Seemed to be in a canyon - in the upper part of the canyon. It most definintely was NOT the house (estate) where they're all living during the program. Not even in the same location as that house.

July 5, 2009:
This morning I had a dream about Sarah Palin. She was standing with her family in a type of fair or outdoor store environment, and she was interested in a key chain that was quite simple. It had a thin rectangular plaque that on one side said "Coca Cola" and on the other side "We bring good things to life" (which is GE's motto, I think). The key on this thing was for a Cadillac. I had the impression she got a new corporate deal for a job, maybe on television. I think it's weird that both those companies were on the same key chain plaque, but maybe both will endorse her. The motto kept repeating to me and I felt that her focus was bringing good things to life.

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