By E. Nora H. Amrani

Here is the interview with one former Muslim (son of a major Hamas leader) became a Christian and wants Muslims to wake up and realize Islam is not a religion from God. This young man left Hamas, his home and came to the U.S. and is asking for political immunity. In it he speaks about his family, his beliefs, Hamas and Islam. He believes it is his mission, from God, to change the world. See the video.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader, says the group tortures its own members. 'Escape From Hamas' Airs Sat 10 p.m., Sun 9 p.m. ET. As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other world leaders try to broker a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas, one former member of the militant Islamic organization said there will never be lasting peace between the two groups.

"There is no chance. Is there any chance for fire to co-exist with the water?" said Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of the group's founding members.

Yousef added: "It's not about Israel, it's not about Hamas: it's about both ideologies."

Yousef, son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the most influential leaders of the militant group, said the organization betrays the Palestinian cause and tortures its own members.

Hamas, formed in the late 1980's as an outgrowth of the Palestinian branch of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, is considered a terror organization by the U.S. government. Hamas seized power in the Gaza strip in 2007 in a violent coup against the more moderate Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas.

Renouncing Islam Son of Hamas Leader Speaks Out Yousef said he was indoctrinated at an early age to use violence to challenge Israeli control in the region. As a teenager he moved up within the organization and became the leader of the radical Islamic Youth Movement that fought Israeli tanks and troops in the streets, celebrated suicide bombings and recruited young men to the cause.

Yousef, 30, said he realized the true nature of Hamas and radical Islam during a stint in an Israeli prison. He renounced his Muslim faith, left his family behind in Ramallah and converted to Christianity.

"Islam is not the word of God," said Yousef. "If you want to be offended it's your problem. But you know something? Go study. Think for a second that I might be right. So wake up, look at your path, see where you're going. Are you really going to heaven with 72 virgins after you kill yourself and kill another 20 people?"

Yousef has sought asylum in the United States and now attends an evangelical Christian church on Barabbas Road in San Diego, Calif.

"The Hamas leadership, including my father, they're responsible; they're responsible for all the violence that happened from the organization. I know they describe it as reaction to Israeli aggression, but still, they are part of it and they had to make decisions in those operations against Israel (for) which there was the killing of many civilians."

Yousef talks more about his extraordinary story of faith, courage, violence and betrayal in a FOX News documentary, "Escape From Hamas," hosted by Bill Hemmer.

Escape from Hamas airs Sat at 10p, with repeats at 1am and 4a, EST, and Sun at 9pm, with repeats at 12 midnight, 2am, EST. [Source:]

My report of the program:

Mosab nailed Islam for not being a religion from God, and for being the most bipolar religion on the planet, and a religion that's like a drug, and for showing how Hamas manipulates and tortures its own people. His goal is good to speak out and help people wake up and see themselves. He went from believing what he was taught as a kid, that Hamas was the answer for his people, being head of the Islamic Youth Movement, to becoming a Christian and seeing Islam and Hamas as crazy. He said if Hamas tortures or kills their own people no one is allowed to say anything. Hamas leaders fear that everyone or anyone could be collaborating with Israel. Everybody was guilty until proven innocent. They would give points to people and if they had enough points against them, given by Hamas, then Hamas would take them and torture them. Not allow them to sleep for weeks, keep waking them up, putting needles under their fingernails, putting burning plastic on their skin. He said that the Islamic leaders would manipulate religion for political goals of the moment, and that there are thousands of inconsistencies in Islam. Before becoming a full open Christian, he had to resolve his feelings about Islam. He studied the bible and the Koran, by himself in secret by himself for a long time, thinking FOR HIMSELF about these religions. He encourages all Muslims to take a long hard look at Islam, and if they believe it is from God, they are sick and need help. When Al Qaeda found out about his first interview with Fox, they criticized Hamas for not stopping him from becoming a Christian, and they quote the Mohammad from the Koran with "whoever changes his religion, kill him".

This is not cut and dry - there are many kinds of Arabs - Christian, Muslim, Druze, Sufis, there are Sunnis and Shiites. Only one of them is at war with Israel - the extremist terrorists of Al Qaeda, Hamas, and name a few. The Christians have been tortured by Hamas. Anyone who doesn't agree with Hamas gets tortured - as you saw on that interview. Everything he said was accurate. His father started Hamas and he grew up in it - who better to know what it's all about, eh?

But, people don't really understand that it is the Palestinian leadership that has been making the Palestinian people suffer, AND they will not take responsibility for what they do. If they would, this entire war and the past forty years of crap would not be happening like this. You know Arafat squandered billions of dollars from his own people. His widow got most of it, too. Hamas is no different. And I don't know how to get this across to people - other than suggest you read some sources not suggested by some other people here so you get the real history - but Israel did not steal anyone's land. This is a huge lie by the Palestinians to justify their murdering of Jews and Israelis and goal to take Israel for themselves. This is in their PLO Charter, and it is all they want, and since they're not getting it, they're pissed off. They're using any excuse - and they've managed to convince ignorant people that their stories are true. Hamas is very stubborn and very arrogant. IF they had NOT bombed Israel daily, had not sent over suicide murderers, there would be peace! It is because THEY refuse to give up on their fantasy. They were indoctrinated as babies to believe their land was stolen, so they believe it. They believe Israel is the enemy, when it is their own leaders. It's time they take responsibility and get their their country together. They must accept Israel is here to stay.

Israel, in many peace offerings, gave it's OWN land to the so-called Palestinians, and what have they done with it? Destroyed it. Israelis gave up their homes, schools, everything for peace, over and over again. Did anyone say thank you to them for the great sacrifice they made? No. And it brought them only more attacks. Can people honestly say they don't see this? You didn't see all the demonstrations and the people being torn away from their homes to give to these terrorists, who then destroyed all that Israel built? Then, Hamas took Schalit and still have him. Israel released thousands of Palestinian prisoners but Hamas can't give Israel one? And then you blame Israel for being the evil ones? It's time the Arabs in Gaza start giving up and doing something for peace and keeping their word - which they've NEVER done. As I said many times, all it takes is making the decision to live in peace. Until they do, they will keep a ttacking Israel and Israel will defend itself and strike back. And what Gold Meier said was, "We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us." This is her famous quote and it still stands true today. Lucky for that one young man who realized the truth of his people and left for a better life in America where he can be free to be a Christian or anything he wants to be.

Late night up-date - Egypt is going to demand an immediate cease-fire from Hamas, and Turkey is defending Hamas.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ ON LARRY KING, JAN. 4, 2009 [I transcribed this from the broadcast]:

"Israel is right because no democracy is required to play Russian roulette with the lives of its children. 6,000 missiles have hit in Israel - they've hit kindergarten, they've hit schools. Fortunately, Israel has built shelters and they've had only a few dozen casualties, but it's only a matter of time until a rocket hits a kindergarten with 40 or 50 kids in it. Proportionality doesn't require a nation to sit back and accept these kinds of missiles. The fact that civilians are being killed is completely the fault of Hamas for hiding behind civilians. They are committing a triple war crime by targeting Israeli civilians, by using their civilians as human shields, and by calling for the destruction of a member state of the United Nations.

"The international border has been recognized. Israel pulled back completely, and there's no dispute about the border at all. In fact the reason why Hamas is suffering, the poverty, is because all the money they've gotten has been spent on buying missiles, on digging tunnels, the corruption that has denied the people of Palestine hospital care and medical care. They've made a decision to destroy their own people. And don't come crying to the international community that this is a humanitarian crises when the Hamas government created the humanitarian crises. Remember Hamas has declared war on Israel. Under Article 51 Israel is entitled to respond by saying, "We are going to win this war, we are going to demand it unconditional surrender the way Great Britain did when Germany fired missiles at it, and the way the United States did when Pearl Harbor was attacked."

"It ends with Hamas being weakened and hopefully destroyed so Israel can then sit down with the Palestinians and offer them, again, what Bill Clinton and what Ehud Barak offered them in 2000, 2001. A state, the end to the occupation, a divided Jerusalem, a refugee reparations program. Remember, the Palestinians could have had a state in 1938, 1948, 1967, 2001, but they've always wanted to destroy the Jewish state more than they've ever wanted their own state. Now the Palestinian people, through the PLO, claim that they want a two-state solution, and Hamas is standing in the way of it. And the people who are rooting most loudly for the destruction of Hamas in Gaza are the Palestinian Authority. You know, if any member of the Palestinian Authority walks into Gaza today they'll get murdered. Gaza today is a terrorist state and the best thing that could happen would be the weakening or destruction of Hamas in Gaza and sitting down and creating a two-state solution. Read their charter [the PLO Charter]. I would overthrow the government of Hamas and make them feed my people instead of buying rockets and sending them into Israel.

"What I think they have to do is make it very clear that what Israel is doing is in defense of all democracies that are fighting terrorism. Terrorists have figured out a way of making it difficult for democracies. That is, by attacking their civilians, hiding behind their civilians, and then showing the media the dead "children and women". It makes it very difficult to protect and defend their own citizens. If this works in Gaza, it's coming to a theatre near you. It will become the paradigm for attacking democracies all over the world, and that's why Israel has to be encouraged to put an end to the rocket attacks.

"When Prince Bandar, who was the representative from Saudi Arabia, went to Camp David and Taba meetings and said to Arafat, "You are committing a crime against the Palestinian people by rejecting the offer of statehood on 98% of the West Bank, full complete statehood in Gaza, capital in Jerusalem, and reparations ($35 billion)." And Arafat walked away from statehood. That was the tragedy that led to this all. I'm quoting Prince Bandar, I'm quoting Dennis Ross, I tell you the people that were there know what happened. The Palestinians turned down statehood. Turned down statehood. When Barack Obama becomes the president he will understand how to do what Bill Clinton tried to do and Ehud Barak will try to do. The Palestinian people will have a chance to get statehood again, but only if Hamas gets defeated."

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