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Torah on Current Economics – 9/20/08

Torah answered questions about our present economic situation during a recent channeling class in Los Angeles.

Victoria: Regarding the current economics situation, I was wondering how we could contribute to making that a healthier situation, as metaphysicians and magicians?

Torah: Well, there's so many ways. One is to do your best to defray the fear that arises in the collective consciousness when the media presents things in certain ways. Remember, the media does represent things in dramatic ways.

One way that you might want to work with the collective consciousness on healing fear. That is one thing to do. You can use your imagination on that. You could do it in a sense artistically... seeing an image of the fear – rising – and you sending it lots of light. Maybe it's like a big dark cloud (the fear rising) and the fear exacerbates the panic on Wall Street, that sort of thing. But, you come in with a beautiful, beautiful cloud of light. What's in that cloud of light that you use to defray the fear? Well, we would suggest first and foremost: the wisdom and truth that humanity can create its own reality. Right. And, that in addition, humanity has help from the other dimensions on this.

Also, certainly we'd say look to "What do I feel humanity is going to create? Do I hold even in the slightest potential that humanity could create a total collapse of the economic systems internationally? If I hold that possibility in me - I want to heal that, because that's a totally powerless place to be."

That (subject) would relate to your own personal relationship to your own personal power. So, you can also say, "I personally will hold the position of being an empowered creator of my reality." And, that will connect to a collective (group) that's going to do the same. "I choose that my participation in the collective is that I hold that humanity is choosing to create a positive and wondrous and growth filled - challenging – but, growth-filled positive future for itself. And, I hold that in me. I'm going to believe in that part of humanity, I'm going to believe in that part of me." All right.

Say, "I'm going to believe in that part of humanity, and I'm going to believe in that part of me." Ask yourself, "Could I imagine that humanity would create an irrevocable descent? If I can imagine that, and if I am feeling that within me personally, I want to process that. On the other hand, if I am feeling, 'NO, this is my time to muster. I am a creator/co-creator. I want to create an equalizing, a stabilization, I will create that.'"

Now, in that regard let's remember that there are stop gaps created in the global economic systems, and certainly within your government, to mitigate certain dissents, certain falls. Such as, lowering the prime, etc., etc. And so, it is different than it was in 1929. You have a different system now. Remember that humanity has come a long way, (and) has gotten more empowered in terms of foresight and heading devastation off at the pass. So, you can say there is already something there in place that can help, and therefore it is not a disempowered structure.

But, (the structure) still needs to be empowered. Still needs to be implemented. Still needs to be worked through step by step. In other words, you don't just sit back and say, "Well, hmph, the government is going to take care of everything. Everything is going to take care of itself. The stop gaps are in place and it's gonna work." Not to do that. But, really muster and say "OK, I'm choosing for the stop gaps to be recognized and implemented, for people to take their power, and their choice, and humanity is not choosing this as an economic collapse. I don't even have that on my radar."

You follow? Big subject. But, there you go.

We've given you lots of information. This would be very good (information)... to help you get a handle on the different approaches (you can take).

Last night, there was someone in class who wisely said, "I am aware that my relationship with the stock market is like my relationship with Source."

We (Torah) said, "Very wise, because you are going to the highest octave of this issue."

And he said, "So, I want to know what I can do to heal more of my relationship with Source - and with 'receiving' - so that I can apply it to the stock market." Very important. We said (to the gentleman), "Excellent thinking! You're talking about the microcosm: him (this man) and Source, and his life, and his conditioning; his relationship to his parents (which is a symbol for Source) - and you are talking about seeing the stock market as Source." But, and what makes that so tricky, is that it is also consensus reality. So, we said, "there has to be something in between the microcosm and this macrocosm of stock market as Source."

You are living with paradox: Choose to create a stock market that is a Source you're willing to receive from. Have no resistance to receiving. Have a healthy relationship to Source. Choosing to let it also be of the consensus reality that seems to be something you don't totally create myself. That's what is seems to be, right? Be comfortable with that, that it seems as if you don't totally create the entire consensus reality, and yet, some part of you does. Because at the deepest level everything you experience in your life is an expression of the unconscious mind.

This gets into a lot of very metaphysical thinking. Let's go back to the first premise that if you see the stock market as representing "Source" in your life, (because this was said to a person who has a lot in the stock market) it means a lot to him if things go up and down. Heal that willingness to receive, the willingness to have Source be well disposed, the willingness to have "Source" be well disposed towards you, the willingness to have source be strong and secure and not an erratic parent - not an alcoholic parent, not an unpredictable parent, not a moody parent, not a volatile parent. Be willing to see Source as something that "can be stable" - or let us say "smoother" - stabilized within a certain range. (That's another whole subject to be explored in regard to your relationship to the stock market.) This applies a little bit more to people who have a lot of investments in the stock market. If you don't have a lot of investments in the stock market, you will have a different perspective...Is this making sense to all of you?

Comment from Kristen: So many of us have created that "dysfunctional parents" in our personal histories, (what you say is) interesting.

Torah: Yes, and we have said this, and it's so true...You can say to yourself, "Wow, in some ways my parents are a reflection of Source." To the tiny child, to the newborn – parents are totally their Source, right?

Kristen: "So the ability to trust, Source, is founded in those early relationships.”

Torah: Right.

Kristen: "So part of me just wants to change the thinking and the belief."

Torah: Right, that's the rational part (of you) we were talking about. Exactly, just change the paradigm.

Kristen: I'm going to see source now as a loving, trustworthy,

Torah: And strong.

Kristen: And allowing of my own power…

Torah: (Source) allows you to co-create (in effect) - and that is so exciting. You can co-create with Source. You can absolutely co-create with Source. Therefore this opens up a lot of possibilities when you think about the stock market.

Louise: I've been working a lot with all those energies, the chaos, etc., because it is a little hurricane that is going through the system.

Torah: Yes, that is a wonderful metaphor, isn't it? How do you want to create that hurricane to be … blow and go. (See it) just, blow and go.

Yes, you can use that energy (of chaos), like the equinox energy. What would you like to do (personally) with that energy?

Well thank you Victoria for bringing this subject up...

And, remember you are co-creators with some of the best of humanity.


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