Crop Circles & Our Holographic Universe

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani & Enki
And Shawn Randall, Channeling Enoch
June 24, 2000
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[Special message Aug. 2002 - please go see the excellent film showing you the REAL signs, "Crop Circles The Movie" playing around the U.S. starting this month. Get more information at their site.]

Crop Circles have been seen and noted since 1678. Authentic markings, such as the drawings on the land in England, crop circles (since the 1940's) in Sunset County, Australia, crop circles in America and Canada, all through Europe, and now Japan and Russia, have been created. Without going into great explanation about the scientific characteristics of real crop circles, we can sum it up by saying that crop circles are formations of flattened crop which appear usually in circles, but not always, which have elaborate patterns (such as stars, astronomical designs, geometric forms like pyramids, keys, the fractal spirals, animals, birds, insects, marine life, DNA double helix, the Mandelbrot Set).

For the past fifteen years or so the metaphysical and scientific communities have each done their share in examining and explaining this crop circle phenomena. To find out more, information and pictures of crop circles can be viewed at The Crop Circle Connector .

The bend in the crop, which occurs during the forming of the pattern, does not damage the crop at all. And the area in which the crop circle stands will yield a healthier and more abundant crop in the following years. This crop also experiences a cellular shift that is significantly different to a crop that has been bent by human hands or machinery (human hands or machinery permanently damages the crop). The circles appear in a very short time, sometimes within minutes, and often there have been witnesses who reported seeing lights, hearing buzzing or frequencies as the patterns were being made. There is film footage of crop circles being made by ET ships. The designs in the crops appear within minutes. Peter Sorensen is best known for his excellent footage of crop circles, available on video. "Circular Evidence,"Colin Andrews has one of the best books on crop circles (I highly recommend it) which was read by the Queen of England, and Prince Charles had a private tour of the cirlces.

Some people ask, "Why would extraterrestrials come all this way to draw pictures in crops and not knock on my own door, or appear at the White House?" I answer those questions with, "Why wouldn't they come like this and communicate in this safe, fun, and creative way?" With many people fearing ET's, why would they want to show up on your doorstep, or march into the Pentagon?

We have experimented with focusing, as a group, on a crop circle pattern we'd like to have manifest. Within a week a shape very close to the one we meditated on appeared as a crop circle. This gives us more food for thought on the co-creative properties and the telepathic and interdimensional aspects of crop circles.

Each year groups of people flock to England for a direct experience in a crop circle. Shawn Randall leads a group of people each year to England, and she has been involved in the crop circle "circles" for many years. (If you're interested in joining a group for a crop circle trip, please email Shawn.) What happens when visiting the crop circles? People walk around them, through them, sit in them, may meditate in them, learn about them. People may feel inspired, awed, interdimensional, and may experience many other things, while being in or next to a crop circle. Some people feel nothing different at all while there. However, being in a crop circle can change people's lives and open them up to new realms of possibilities, much like visiting a sacred site, and can cause a shift in consciousness.

What are the circles all about? Well, there are countless explanations for what they are. They are holographic forms of communication, greetings, teachings, memories, math, music, science, history, our past-present-future, artistic play, co-creations between humans and off-planet beings.

Enki tells me that they are more than first, second or third dimensional creations. He says that:

"Crop circles are reflecting the consciousness of the universe but more specifically of humanity at that particular time. You are seeing the image of the moments, time periods of general consciousness acceptance, part of the collective unconsciousness of the past, present and future. They use all these archetypal images, images that have appeared in all religions, spirituality throughout the history of the world, in all languages. These are deeply emblazened upon your memories, in your cellular memories. They are symbols that speak to you so deeply, if you allow them to. So, you are seeing a mirror; a reflection of life's multidimensionality, of what you already know, and what you are creating at the present time as co-creations between the dimensions."

Today Shawn Randall channeled Enoch, who came through the letter board (which is one form of channeling) for the first time as he had a special message about crop circles that is so important that we desired to share it with you. This message is precise, strong, optimistic and beautiful:

"My name is Enoch: saying this is an honor, as I am new here and getting help from forces of the universe. This is holographic: Holographic communication formulating. Holographic condensations, holographic alignments of electromagnetics. Crop circles are forays into the universe. Holographic images, they convey pieces of the holographic universe. Be with the images to see the universe's beauty, symmetry, love and its eternal truth. Deal directly with their complexity. Each one delivers a holographic vision to enjoy.

"Crop circles are delivering the absoluteness of the holographic view of the universe and its inhabitants. We, of the circle-maker hologram, belong to your future. Have compassion for those who would fear the future and its new collaborators - beings of other planets who are designing with you a future as beautiful as crop circles. Together create, yes we do." [Copyright © 2000 Shawn Randall]

We live in a time when we are receiving direct communication from the beings who actually put the crop circles where they are, so the mysteries are being decoded and becoming more of our collective, common knowledge. This more recent exposure parallels what is going on in our world from many views. I don't feel that the beings co-creating the crop circles are evil. I'm also not saying that all ETs are "good guys," so it's important that we not discriminate and lump all ETs together, and use our own discernment and gut feelings about them. What is the evidence and what could it mean? If ETs have such amazing technology, and if some people think they are evil, why haven't they used it to destroy us?

Science is coming out of the laboratory closet, so to speak, and it is very exciting! We have been gradually being given more and more information in this past year about what science (and the metaphysical community) has known and been working on for years. This is a momentous occasion in which we are opening the books for all to see, for all to participate together for healing, knowledge, expansion of our consciousness and space exploration. We are remembering more of who we are and what we can do. Obviously, it is so because we want it to be this way and we are ready for it. We are rediscovering our holographic selves and universe, and our previous limitations are being melted away into the past centuries. This new turf in this new millennium will be unlike anything we've ever expected to actually materialize on Earth, and in such a brief time, too. It is real magic that we can touch, enjoy, and use for the benefit of all. And may it be so.

Copyright © 2000-2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani, and Shawn Randall