The story of the Anunnaki illustrates the importance of remembering and understanding our collective heritage on and beyond Earth in order to relinquish old patterns started during their reign. Let's examine a few of the important influences upon humanity by the Anunnaki.

A tremendous amount of humanity's history was in Iraq, and remains literally and figuratively buried there to this day. There is a lot underneath the surface in Iraq to discover and shed more light on the past. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq. Writing first came to people in Iraq (from....guess where). Also, agriculture, the building of canals, astronomy and other sciences and medicine orginated in Iraq. There was a sudden evolutionary burst in Iraq during this time...the time when the Anunnaki ruled. Babylon and the Tower of Babel was in Iraq. Hammurabi (beloved by Utu/Shamash, an Anunnaki) was in Iraq. The Jews were exiled to Babylon at one time. They brought the Babylonian Talmud with them upon their return to Jerusalem and this Talmud became the guidelines for the Hebrew Talmud. Do you know that Abraham's father, Terach, was part Anunnaki?

When the Anunnaki bred with their creations, the human being, they created children with direct lineage to the Anunnaki. Then, these children received special status by being made rulers (kings, queens, priest/esshoods) to carry on the privileged knowledge held by the Anunnaki. Groups such as the Masons, Knights Templar, Illuminati, etc., are those who evolved out of this special group and they attempted to carry this knowledge through generations. The Ark of the Covenant, the breastplates of the priests with specific metals and gemstones, minerals, created a grid for communication and energy transference between humans and their Anunnaki rulers. Why do you think there were many miraculous events and visions in ancient times? Technology can sometimes be seen as a god.

But, as time passed and these children with predominant ET DNA mated with humans, the amount of Anunnaki genes diminished. The knowledge also diminished - due to several factors: keeping only select people informed; withholding important information which then tarnished the complete knowledge; and the circumstances of time and memory - passing stories from one generation to another led to distortions in the original material until 99% of the knowledge to create real magic had disappeared altogether. People thought they knew what they were doing, but rituals and the reasons for them became a pathetic and misunderstood drama. Still, people continued to do them and further complicate them (often changing them to fit political agendas), losing the original intent and knowledge behind them. One such example of this was the mummy, the attempt to be like the gods and rejoin them in the stars after the body died. The mummification methods worked on the physical level, but the spiritual knowledge of what it all meant was lost more with each generation. The ancient people imitated what they saw with ETs (those who went into a cryogenic sleep for space travel, thus preserving the body so it will reawaken upon arrival at its destination).

The organization of rulership and the battles between the two families of the Anunnaki (Enki and Enlil) was passed on to the next generations. The wars were mostly about who controlled various regions on Earth; who had the power, the most of everything, the MEs. When these split families brought forward religions (with some new twists) that were already in some form on other planets (Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and then Christianity with the help of the Pleiadeans), it only continued the battles over which god was better and who ruled the lands. Read the story of Enki's son, Marduk, and how he became the most powerful and favored of all of the gods of the Anunnaki. Read the ancient texts and see how many names he had, how people worshipped him in ancient Iraq. You can even find much of this information in the Necronomican (a book I would not recommend anyone actually put into practice).

Contributing to this mixture thereby making it easier for people to embrace these religions were people who were once lived on Orion, or Vega (and elsewhere), and incarnated on Earth into the Middle Eastern regions during this time, bringing their beliefs with them. This also contained more of the issues of secret societies, polarities, victim versus oppressor, the wars of the hunter and the prey...the real star chamber. You see, even many of the beings living on other planets had already lost the memory of their own diinity.

Not many of these Anunnaki who kept the generations warring with each other stopped to think what they were doing and how it was negatively effecting mankind and themselves. Most didn't really care about that - their only concern was power and control over humans at that moment. By the time the Anunnaki had left the Earth, or died, humans were already well on their way into imitating these gods from the skies, and these beings they thought were magical angels, and the wars and governmental and religious structure continued on. When you look at how "god" is depicted in the bibles, recognize the traits they possess: human traits of hate and envy, love and fear, control and punishment. It is a direct translation of Anunnaki behavior and how humans were treated by them. Humans soon became like the Anunnaki in how they treated one another. Sure, it was very desirable to kiss up to the gods and give the gods what they wanted, because then they would bestow upon you wonderful gifts and protection. Sort of like the Mafia. Think about this in relation to what's going on with Iraq (how Saddam Hussein had the illusion that he was a god), and the Middle East today - the battles between two sides of the same family: Islam and Judaism.

Another embedded memory humans contain has to do with Noah's ark. When the Flood occurred some humans were saved by one group of the Anunnaki. This memory of looking to the heavens, to extraordinary beings in order to be saved became engrained into human DNA. To this day people expect to be saved by some ETs, or light beings, or Jesus, or what have you, but it isn't going to happen. The beings are not returning in their ship to save you. Nibiru is not coming 'round again in the same way as people think it will be. Nibiru was not the starship of the real Anunnaki. And, things have changed, orbits have changed, energy patterns and consciousness have changed. If it were up to me, I wouldn't want to ever see Nibiru's return because of who's in it and the damage it could wreck. It's not about anyone else saving you - but you saving yourself by remembering who you are - your divine self - and being it.

HOWEVER, the old paradigm of the wars between two families hasn't changed. What I wrote about a few years ago that would be coming in the Middle East and Iraq was to help you recognize this old paradigm and how to transform the old patterns so that war will no longer be necessary. The battles between whose god is better and who controls what land and the resources, who is the victim and who is the controller, is the same old Anunnaki stuff. What have people learned during the past six thousand years of billions of lives lost over religion or resources? The war with Iraq is still about two families fighting for superiority and separation instead of integration. It also brings up warlike behavior and feelings in many people because it is triggering these ancient battles that are stored in your DNA and long to be healed; healing the war within one's self.

So, is there any good news in all of this? Yes! It is that humans do NOT have to keep in polarity, in conflict, terrorizing and fighting each other. It doesn't really matter who controls this country or that one - it doesn't mean one people have to die for another to live. There is room and resources for everyone - as long as everyone starts watching out for everyone and taking care of the Earth. It doesn't matter any more who has more pure blood - there is no pure blood on Earth anyway (including the so-called 'royals'), and EVERYONE contains various traces of ET DNA. AND, more importantly, everyone is an original creation of the universal Source of each and ALL life, containing that Source within, and was created through and for love. Humans were guaranteed to remember and activate their literal divinity from the Garden of Eden incidents.


© Copyright 2003, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani