Channeled by Shawn Randall


We say greeting to all of you, such a pleasure to be here with you, and yes, we would like to say a couple of things about events that occur in your individual lives and events that occur collectively (that affect many people.) First we would like to say that as metaphysical and spiritual people you have a slightly different way of thinking, and we celebrate that. We would describe that in the following way: you tend to think in terms of an event's function rather than only its form. When you hear of an event or when you have an event in your own life you are first, of course, very aware of the form, what happened, the "who", "what", "where", and "when". And then you think of the "why". In other words, you question the function of that event.

You realize after an event, as a metaphysical thinker, that there was a function to that event, that that event functioned in a certain way in your life. And you've all had this experience that you've had an event and then in hindsight realized "Ah, that event functioned to get me to the next step", or "that event functioned to help me have a new revelation of wisdom", or "that event functioned to help me see more of my shadow, or see more of light", etc. So the function of certain events tends to come afterward in your awareness.

It would be advantageous to think about the current events that are impacting many people now to look at their function sooner rather than later because 1. As you look to see what is the function of these events sooner, it tends to make more sense to you. 2. You tend to be a little more at ease or a little more at peace that it even happened. 3. And also you gained the wisdom from the function of that event. You gain it a little sooner. And again, it can help most of all to help put you a little bit more at peace.

The other very interesting thing about looking at function versus form, and looking at function sooner rather than later, is that it helps you think more in those terms in your everyday life, and ahead of time. So that as you become conscious of how things are functioning for you (their purpose, deeper meaning), you will be more of a conscious creator ahead of time. By thinking, "Okay, I would choose today to be a day rich with understanding and wisdom and I choose it to function that way for me. But I also choose that the events that would bring me insight and wisdom would be with harm to none." It's a powerful way to look at your reality as it goes along, rather than only in hindsight.

So as we are getting ready here to speak about the events in India (Mumbai), we start with the idea we've just described. We start by saying that major events have major functions. As you become more conscious of the function more quickly, more quickly, more quickly, following an event - you start to think in terms of their function before they happen, andyou become more of a conscious creator in that way. That's a personally empowering attitude to take, and is a personally empowering window through which to view your reality each day.

So let's look at these terrorist acts that occurred in India the last several days and rather than simply look at the events themselves, we can now look in hindsight to their function. How are they functioning for humanity. Well, there are several things that are notable here. One is that these events, these terrorist acts, were perpetrated upon locations that are frequented by (as they called it in the media) "the wealthy". We see that a message here is that no one is exempt from terrorism. Terrorism isn't just for lower classes or the average person or persons that would go to a marketplace or a certain discotheque, or a certain store - it can be for anyone, anywhere, anytime. That might indeed be one of the main messages that the terrorists actually had in mind. But as you look at that function, that message, that content, that one particular aspect of this terrorist act or this collaboration, this collection of acts that we're calling one act - several attacks that we're calling one event because they were timed to have the impact of one event - as we look at this event, we see no one is exempt. That carries with it the function of making everyone a little bit more responsible for thinking about it - more responsible for recognizing that terrorism is an energy in the world to be dealt with. So, the people who would ordinarily ignore such events saying, "Oh, well it would never happen here. We stay at a four star or a five star hotel, it (terrorism) can't touch us." Well, those people have to think again. There are many people who now, maybe because of their privilege or wealth have felt exempt from terrorism, have to think again. They have to consider that terrorism is something to be dealt with even for them. So that's one function this event is showing.

Another function that this event in Mumbai is showing is that terrorism shows an extreme disrespect for life itself. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the politics or the idealist polarity between Muslim fundamentalism and the rest of the world, even the Christian right, as you look at that polarity, as you look at that disparity, no matter what side you're on politically and idealistically you cannot escape the terrorists extreme disrespect for life. You can no longer escape that this terrorism is a fundamental disrespect for life itself. That will work against the terrorists because the individuals that might be tempted to support the terrorists acts, like the ones that just occurred in India, would have to be supporting the total disrespect for life itself - because only innocent people are being hurt here. That's a very important function for this terrorist act: for the terrorists are now working against themselves. This act pushes into the forefront, the very absolute fact there's a fundamental disrespect for ALL of life exhibited by these terrorists.

For everyone to see this fact, can be a wake-up call. It can be a call to greater responsibility for routing out terrorism on your planet. With this act terrorism becomes even more global, more visible, and more absurd, doesn't it? It just seems absurd. And that feeling of absurdity that people have, that feeling of ?what on earth is going on, how can this happen, this makes no sense, it's just crazy? - puts everyone on edge and in discomfort, and will function to rally more powers-that-be to take more responsibility for transforming terrorism on the planet.

This wake-up call for all governments to take greater responsibility for terrorism is a very, very important one. This particular event in India is a wake-up call for all countries, ALL COUNTRIES, because certainly India is not known, per se, as a country that is filled with 'infidels'. India is simply not even identified that way in the fundamentalist Islamic philosophies. So the absurdity of this terrorism in India is a wake-up call for all countries to recognize the dynamic and the energy of terrorism is very real and needs to be dealt with on the plane. Every country is involved, and needs to be involved in the change to route out of terrorism.

Now metaphysically speaking, certainly we and you have always looked at terrorism as a piece of the human shadow. A very, very important piece of the collective human shadow, the dark shadow, the collective unconscious, human shadow. And every time we have spoken about such things, and we see there is part of the collective human dark shadow that is rising, it means that there is opportunity for even more light underneath the collective shadow to be recognized and realized over time. This thinking can serve you. As you realize that this shadow side of human consciousness is arising with this and other acts of terrorists, you are able to understand the events functions to uplift the shadow, to transform it, and to get to the light shadow underneath - the greater human empowerment underneath.

Certainly, in this case, the greater human empowerment involves an expansion and evolution of valuing of human life. If these events function to uplift humanity to a greater valuing of human life, they can also impact how different countries think of war. Human life becomes more valued as time goes on here. This wil affect how negotiations and reconciliations can be made more effectively between countries.

The value of all human life and the value of all life itself, is a growing value. It is something people are becoming more and more aware of in the third world countries especially third world countries where human life and life itself is often cheap or undervalued; those in poverty, those that cannot eat, and are ignored, etc. The tragedies that you have seen in Darfur, Sudan, Rawanda, Congo, all these terrible tragedies, occur where human life is not valued. As you look at these things that have occurred in the last ten, twenty years you can see how many times the information got swept under the carpet - in terms of a global view of uplifting of human value.

Some people will uplift human value - and the U.N. will do so more and more, and there will be special causes and special charities that will value human life in various countries. But the global picture is still often ignored. However, this event in India makes the issue very global. It brings into the forefront the fact that valuing life itself is everyone's issue now, not just localized or a part of individual factions and groups such as the U.N. and charities, etc. It's everyone's issue now.

So this event, tragic as it is, is functioning to bring more vital issues into the forefront so that more responsibility can be taken and thus more changes can be brought to bare. It is, in a sense, a wake-up call for everyone to consider this issue collectively, not just this country, or that country, this particular political system, or that particular political system. This is really everyone's issue at this time.

Global Village

You see, as the earth becomes a global village (which it has always been but you are just now realizing it) it means the issues that happen in certain countries far, far away are your own issues - because your world is a village. Yes. So, bringing things into awareness brings greater opportunity for all to change ? as you know. The old days of denial are fading away. It is very difficult to deny such impactful events. And that is a good ?function?. That is a function that will eventually serve the transformation the planet is looking at as it chooses to value life itself more and more. All peoples wil become more increasingly evolved in planetary transformation.

The Personal Reflection

How are you to look at this terrorist event in India in a personal way? As we have always said of these events, ask yourself ?how does it personally touch me?? ?What buttons does it push within me?? ?What is the personal tug it pulls on me?? Whatever tug to your heart strings or your gut this event triggers is where your personal growth will lie. That's where your piece of the hologram will be ringing for you to pay attention and heal or balance yourself. Is there a bias, a punishing anger, a violent rage, a vindictive hostility somewhere in your personal life? Be assured it is waiting to be healed. And by doing so the light beneath your own dark unconscious shadow will be revealed. You will be uplifted.

It's difficult to talk about these events because you can't call them good news. But you can say there is a function they are serving that is part of a larger evolutionary picture. That larger evolutionary picture is inevitable.

Do these events have to happen in order for this inevitable evolution to occur? Some would say "yes, they do, otherwise you won't see the shadow, you won't be able to really get the collective importance of collective valuing of life.? Some others would say "no, the tragic events don't have to happen". We would say that's up for you to figure out. Ultimately it is your choice.

The terrorist events do function as various wake-up calls and calls to greater responsibility, as we have said. They do function that way. Yet, of course, it is possible to have wake-up calls without such events. However, not many people have figured out how to do that yet. We would share here that sages of certain spiritual orders often meditate ahead of time to mitigate such events. Those sorts of sages are very much in the minority; you don't hear much about them. But if more and more people were to become of that mind and set out the intention that when they meditate they are choosing to mitigate tragedy as a form of wake-up and eventually evolution then that would be a wonderful thing. You can choose to experience other ways to become aware and conscious of self, the shadow and your divine light within.

Perhaps one of the things that you can consider doing yourself is to meditate on events ahead of time ? before they happen. Meditate and visualize for the upliftment and evolution of the planet to occur without terrorist events as the catalyst.

Many times people will avoid meditating to mitigate events ahead of time because they're too busy with the things on their plate right now. "I can't think about that, I've got to deal with this and this and I've got my bills, and I've got this and that to do." But it's only one extra thought. It's one extra intention to throw in that doesn't have to take a lot of your time. Set the intention - as a creator - that as you are supporting evolution on earth you support it to happen with harmony and peace rather than through loss of life and disrespect for all of life. See it, feel it, make evolution happen in a new and conscious way. It's your choice.

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