By E. Nora H. Amrani, All Rights Reserved.

This is a preliminary message I received from my Higher Self regarding the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. This is a method I highly recommend for everybody - connecting with your Higher Self - because it is the one Source you can count on to tell you the unbiased truth from the highest perspective about what's happening. When conspiracy theories run amok and confusion and chaos throw most people off balance, believing anything that they read or hear, you can know that your Higher Self will not play into your fears or lie to you.

What is the message for humanity about the Mumbai events of terrorism and murder? The attacks in Mumbai are, as you have already indicated, reminiscent of 9/11 in America. The energy we sense in this is very much related to the heart chakra. Striking at the heart (as was done in Oklahoma, or the World Trade Center), the heart of what makes a civilization in the western world tick. Family, commerce, entertainment, education, freedom in communication.

As you can see by the people who were murdered in Mumbai, they were representative of different areas of spirituality and affiliations - the American father and daughter who went to Mumbai for a meditation trip, the Jewish families in Chabad House, Indians, Brits. Young and old. Unarmed people, enjoying life, going about their business or pleasure unaware of danger, feeling safe where they were.

In some instances, the attacks were indiscriminate and also discriminate - entering by firing at anyone and then using the fear and chaos of that moment to select more victims. What the attackers wanted by doing this was not clear. If they were paid a million dollars, would they have let go of their hostages? No, this wasn't about money.

This was an intentional attack planned well in advance to have a huge effect. But for what result? I would say here that there are a few issues involved: the fear of change and letting go of old ideas; the anger at feeling infringed upon, as in "do not tell us how to live our lives", and "we don't wish to associate with the west", to destroying any influence of the west and wanting to control it. From the attackers' perspective, the west represents capitalism, freedom, democracy, materialism, and a certain immorality. Again, from THEIR perspective. No remorse was felt by the attackers. No heart for others. No value whatsoever for life.

The heart energy was and is at work in Mumbai with the Indians doing everything they can to help the victims, playing no favorites based on race, religion, gender, country of origin or residence. The Indian people are functioning with heart and compassion. The media has responded likewise. How best can the world to respond to such a tragic event? They are already responding with outrage, shock, compassion, and restraint to prevent a major war between Pakistan and India.

I would suggest that there be more honesty and clarity of intentions by the leaders of the nations themselves and with their countries and their neighbors. There are communication and ideological mix-up as well as double messages occurring that need to be cleared and agreed upon. Will religion rule nations? The other part of this is that nations need to finally come together and commit to a plan regarding terrorism and inhumane acts. From torture, to the terrors of Darfur, to crimes against women and children (honor killings, trafficking). Either you're supporting it or you're against it. I know that sounds a bit Bush-like, but I can think of no other way to express it right now because it comes down to this. You cannot talk out of both sides of your mouth. Being clear about these intentions, addressing it FROM the heart, is getting to the heart of the matter, literally.

During this time, you can send your heart energy to India and to all people personally touched and involved and focus on open and healed hearts - pink, then gold light infusing the area.

© Copyright 2008, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani