By Enki
Channeled by Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
December, 1996
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Mars/Earth Connection, Flashback On Mars - a little story:

I recall my first impression when I landed here long ago. I wrote these words in my log: "As I stand here surveying the terrain of this new planet named for my son, Marduk, there is much work that needs to be done. There is no means of moving water from the seas to the inland areas. Wells are not always plentiful or sufficient enough on their own as a water supply from rain or ice. And we couldn't rely on floods to be consistent. I set to work with a team of my engineers to oversee and dig canals and dams more inland from the rivers and seas. There were several pathways (not just one) constructed by which water could be routed away from the volcanic areas to our new cities and areas in which population would be dense. These would be rivers.

"We have caverns underground which we have developed into livable regions where we can live sheltered from the cold nights and dust storms as well as enclosed cities on the surface of the planet. Mars has been a haven for beings who fought in other star wars in time and there has been a history of life here although the place is in need of help. And yet, the wars between our family continue and God knows, what will come next."

Mars also has a way-station that had been in operation for a long time for travelers in space to make a stop-over on their way through the galaxy. Indeed, even our travelling craft/planet, Nibiru, often makes stops here. The way-station's name is in your Greek language 'Phobus', which means "fear". Phobus is known on Earth as being one of Mars' satellites (moon) but it is partially artificial. Beings from other places in the galaxy still stop over and go into Phobus to fill up their tanks, obtain minerals and other items not normally or readily available on their home systems. Mars is by no means greatly abundant on its own. Its natural resources were limited and it depended on imports primarily from Earth to help sustain it.

Phobus also allows individuals to take a breather, catch up with one another and have the opportunity to view Earth from a short distance (short by their standards). Earth provides a great fascination for many beings, as Earth is providing the greatest potential in the growth of consciousness at this time which will assist all in their own evolution. Earth is also one of the most beautiful and abundant planets anywhere and to view the oceans, the greens, the deserts, mountains, clouds all fascinate and infatuate off-Earth beings.

In your 'past' when we were in control of Mars, and the beings we created on Earth were brought here, they were brought to Mars because of my plan to secretly save humanity from Enlil's intention to annihilate them. You know this story as the Great Flood, or the story of Noah and the Ark. Enlil had become furious, disappointed and annoyed with humanity and the great noise that they made. Enlil made me promise not to interfere with his plan. And, with fingers crossed behind my back, I agreed. Marduk had agreed to this plan and went along with me, or so he claimed. The humanoids who believed what I had disclosed to them about an impending disaster came with us. We airlifted the humanoids in our craft and shipped them off to Mars, where the Igigi would be in charge.

(Whenever you see the number 40 (as in "it rained for 40 days and 40 nights") in the old books, know that it is a story directly related to me, Enki. My number is 40.)

These humanoids were 'saved', but there was another agenda - they could be used against an enemy should the situation arise. In his crafty mind, Marduk saw them (very similar as to how governments today see new citizens) as a potential army and work force for himself. So he later decided to keep the beings on Mars indefinitely for his own benefit.

I didn't agree with his reasoning. Yes, we could use them to fend off attacks from Enlil's troops, but I favored a more peaceful and independent existence for these humanoids where they could, hopefully, do more of what THEY wanted to without Enlil's continuous and nasty interference. Enlil never could accept them as being anything other than his slaves. But, at that point I felt overpowered by Marduk and that there was nowhere else to turn. At that time Marduk was already a powerful warrior. So, reluctantly, and a bit cowardly, I gave in.

The great pyramid in Cairo (Cairo means "Mars") was constructed to be a communication device and power-center for Marduk and I, between Earth and Mars. We would still try to maintain control over our region in Egypt. (The pyramid, some temples, and the Sphinx were built, by us, to serve as a reminder for future generations of your extensive past.)

On Mars these new 'Martians' felt lost, abandoned, homesick, sad and betrayed. They felt they were going to be saved by their "gods" and taken to a better place, even if temporarily (which is what we told them). How were they to know that they were to be left there for centuries and to have to adapt to a strange new planet with beings from all over the galaxies, in a new power struggle with new challenges? How would they know that in time they would have to fend mostly for themselves, because they could no longer rely on the beings that brought them there to continue to help them survive?

Their "gods" had other things to do, like fighting one another for power and control over lands and people, creating new races, religions and forcing new ideals. The humanoids missed Earth and their families, their old ways. Their genes still carry the Earth memories and the sadness from this experience.

Why am I bringing all of this up? Recently it has come to the attention of those on Earth that the Greys (who have been assisting the Martians for some time) have removed some of these Martians from Mars and brought them back to their home planet, Earth, because Mars is becoming uninhabitable for them.

Another reason for this migration is to bring to light the fact that all these beings are related and related to humans on Earth. The Greys are cousins to both humans and Martians, as all were created by the Anunnaki (myself, Ninhursag, Enlil, Ninti, etc.). This movement also serves to enlighten humans of their intergalactic heritage and triggers all to delve deeper into your physical and spiritual origins. It brings the universe together again. It brings the awareness of the oneness of God back into consciousness.

Martians currently occupy several regions in and on Earth and some remain on Mars until they can join the rest on Earth. The Greys performed this feat without Marduk's blessing or consent. The Greys and the Martians are both striving for their own sovereignty and this includes freedom from Marduk's control over them. On Earth the Martians hope to survive, blend in, continue to develop as a race with the help from the Greys and humans. But, the human component is still risky for them and few have made any direct contact with humans. They and their children are suffering on Earth and they feel forced to remain hidden until people can accept them. These "Martians" are also struggling with their feelings of victimhood and are seeking integration and self-empowerment.

The message that has come out of much of these actions has been translated as the need for beings to "be saved" by someone or something else. So, it has been said that ET ships will come down to Earth and save select humans (a memory of a past event) , or that someone will come who will be superior to everyone and lead the way.

The point is, no one needs "saving" from anyone or anything other than ignorance and fear. All are God. However, most individuals live without the realization of that. All of us are moving towards independence, self-determination, evolution of consciousness and the physical/cellular improvement of the species. Everyone is equal, everyone matters and everyone has an inner potential power that has yet to be actualized.

Marduk has gone elsewhere to enlist troops for himself. He still feels he needs to win the war, any war. Draco is one of the systems that interests Marduk. He is now using life forms similar to lizard beings, not as evolved in consciousness as much of Earth is, to assist him in his plan to create more fear on Earth in order to maintain control over this region in space.

He has created a new army and potential plan for himself and Earth. You see, Marduk feels outnumbered and betrayed, himself, by the other races he felt he controlled. He feels he's losing material power and wealth - this spurs on his fear and justifies hatred and war. He knows the consciousness on Earth is changing and moving more towards remembrance of who they all really are - God.

Marduk knows very well that Earth is gaining the assistance of these groups and others to lift their resonance so Marduk's influences can no longer be felt or, at the very least, complied with. If all beings realize this and regain their self-empowerment, Marduk is doomed to either give up his old tyrannical ways and become part of the greater program or continue his self-destructive ways in another place/space/time, but even that is becoming less possible for Marduk. He is in a battle of the polarities within himself. He has yet to make his final decision what he will do.

At this point we reach an interesting nexus. Marduk is suppressing his inner-self's voice; his God-self , and instead catering to his negative ego's drive out of habit to feel important. He likes to be worshipped as the ONLY god there is and feels that anyone else is beneath him. He's a very needy and misinformed chap, that Marduk. Very much in separation. Does this sound familiar to you? This same fight with polarities and conflicts which occur on Earth. One mirrors the other. Of course, everyone has a choice whatever they do and everyone can play this game for eons. But it affects all of us.

Deep within all beings is the desire to integrate one's Self and remember our connection to God. And, each individual holds a key for themselves and for others in terms of growth. In other words, we are all the different facets of a crystal, a hologram of God, and we can focus on any particular facet of that crystal at any given time. What we learn from our own focus can assist and raise others. We can have a tremendous impact on the future of our lives, wherever we all are. We can consciously choose the direction of our future with our desires and each individual who makes their decision can help the mass consciousness move forward toward a preferred future. So what we choose to do for our own future can have an impact on Marduk.

Your thoughts and desires create reality. So, what is your choice? What future do you want? Will you create your future through fear or self-empowerment? Does your future include war with extraterrestrial beings? Would you prefer a future in which Marduk continues his destructive, manipulative control through fear? Or, do you prefer to choose peace, harmony and the evolution of all beings, including Marduk? (In other words, to help Marduk see another option by using his compassion and forgiveness for himself and others.)

Do you believe we all have had enough of war, suffering, struggle, murder, destruction, and negative ego-driven power plays? Are you at a point in your belief where you can see each being as yourself and as an expression of God? Do you feel all can coexist in harmony, with equality and respect? Take back your real power: re-member who you are and use the power of love.

When you are clear about the future you desire, state it out loud. Share it here with all who may see your point of view and may share that view. Put your intentions out into the airwaves, into the webwaves and make a difference for yourself. You count a great deal in the big picture. Choose the future you want to create. Choose now. (And remember, not choosing is also a choice, but the way of the unconscious.)

This story of Mars is an ongoing story for all of us. You can see this story as symbolic of how Earth has developed. Marduk is also used here as a symbol of what you consider to be evil on Earth. Marduk isn't really so evil - but many of you have decided to make him your scapegoat for such. I prefer to say that at times Marduk has been a little misled in how he used his personal power. However, he has been loved in many civilizations and benefitted many. (And I'm not saying this only because he is my son.)

The lifting of Noah and the Ark is also symbolic of the raising of consciousness on Mars--something all are connecting to in this time frame. This represents your human race which is raising its consciousness, and is on a transitional threshold. This Mars connection also represents the idea that you are now able to connect to higher dimensions with more awareness and responsibility for creating what you want.

Being raised, now that consciousness has crossed the threshold of the transition, it remains the precursor of a new generation now being introduced to the idea of Mars. This has to do with intergalactic heritage--family, the expansion, gathering back of the past to be included and incorporated into creating the future. To pull the self together, to rise above these things, is to include and incorporate all the selves so that the self can go forward into the future in the way that would be most cohesive, balanced and representative of the way in which the future needs in order to be reflective of our desires.

Even the ancient mythological war god, Mars, (see that Mars really originated from Marduk?) representing the warring reputation of the planet, is something everyone can integrate within, and not deny, not push away, because it will always come back to you for understanding. But, owning and accepting that warrior inside of you allows it to have no more power over you. You can choose when war is justified for you. And you can choose not to prefer war as a means of problem solving or control. We can all be lovers, not warriors!

We sign off for now with love, light and hope for your continued enlightenment and conscious choices with compassion, responsibility and communication.

© Copyright, 1996, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

Update - News item: Announced March 10, 2000:
With the use of new laser-assisted techniques, NASA scientists looking under the surface of Mars have uncovered evidence of wide, ancient channels that could have formed from the flow of enormous volumes of water. "It's just a spectacular, otherworldly landscape," NASA scientist Jim Garvin told CNN... "We are seeing the real Mars, making science fiction science fact..." When Mars was young, enormous water flows could have created the extensive underground channels revealed in images of the Martian interior derived from Mars Global Surveyor data, NASA researchers said. The prospect of large amounts of past water excites planetary scientists, who wonder if the red planet ever was alive. "The ancient water courses, we believe, may have flowed into a possible ocean, a harbinger of a time in Mars' past that could have had life," Garvin said.

Update - CNN - August 4, 2003:
Giant ice towers that formed next to steaming volcanic vents in the freezing atmosphere of Mars may be the best place to look for life on the red planet, an Australian geologist said on August 4, 2003. Nick Hoffman of the University of Melbourne said the latest images taken by the Mars Odyssey orbiter had revealed curious hotspots in the Hellas Basin that could be similar to ice towers in Antarctica, where microbial life forms live on chemical energy. These hotspots, he said, could prove a better place to find signs of life than gullies that some speculate may have been gouged by running water. "I don't personally believe that (finding life) is a credible possibility, but nonetheless, if you are going to find life on Mars, this is probably the place it will be," he said.

Update - News item: Announced March 5, 2004:
NASA's Spirit rover has found evidence of past water activity in a volcanic rock on the other side of Mars from where its twin, Opportunity, discovered signs that ground there had once been drenched. The amount of water at Spirit's site in Gusev Crater would have been much less than what is indicated at Opportunity's site in Meridiani Planum, Ray Arvidson, deputy principal investigator of the rover mission, said Friday. The findings came from aggressive study of a rock dubbed "Humphrey" that Spirit came across en route from its landing site to a big crater named "Bonneville," Arvidson told a Jet Propulsion Laboratory news conference. Spirit used its rock abrasion tool to grind below the rock surface and reveal cracks filled with apparent minerals, an indicator of water action familiar to geologists studying Earth rocks. "I think the best bet is that water was in the magma and as the magma crystallized, kind of last stages of the fluids led to formation of these white deposits ... and perhaps produced some minerals that filled in the cracks," he said.

Update - News from Reuters, March 16, 2007:
A spacecraft orbiting Mars has scanned huge deposits of water ice at its south pole so plentiful they would blanket the planet in 36 feet of water if they were liquid, scientists said Thursday. The scientists used a joint NASA-Italian Space Agency radar instrument on the European Space Agency Mars Express spacecraft to gauge the thickness and volume of ice deposits at the Martian south pole covering an area larger than Texas. The deposits, up to 2.3 miles thick, are under a polar cap of white frozen carbon dioxide and water, and appear to be composed of at least 90 percent frozen water, with dust mixed in, according to findings published in the journal Science. Scientists have known that water exists in frozen form at the Martian poles, but this research produced the most accurate measurements of just how much there is. They are eager to learn about the history of water on Mars because water is fundamental to the question of whether the planet has ever harbored microbial or some other life. Liquid water is a necessity for life as we know it. Characteristics like channels on the Martian surface strongly suggest the planet once was very wet, a contrast to its present arid, dusty condition....


Plaut said the amount of water in the Martian past may have been the equivalent of a global layer hundreds of meters deep, while the polar deposits represent a layer of perhaps tens of meters. "We have this continuing question facing us in studies of Mars, which is: where did all the water go?" Plaut said. "Even if you took the water in these two (polar) ice caps and added it all up, it's still not nearly enough to do all of the work that we've seen that the water has done across the surface of Mars in its history." Plaut said it appears perhaps 10 percent of the water that once existed on Mars is now trapped in these polar deposits. Other water may exist below the planet's surface or perhaps some was lost into space through the atmosphere, Plaut said.

Update, November 13, 2007:
"It may not be likely," NASA researcher David Morrison told National Geographic News, "but we cannot exclude the possibility that we are, in effect, all Martians." A European experiment last month demonstrates that microscopic life could indeed survive inside rocks hurtling through space. Read the story at National Geographic News.

Update, May 15. 2009:
Mars is bone dry today. But long, long ago it was wetter and likely had rivers, most scientists agree.

A new study finds some serious valleys carved by rivers within the last billion years - much sooner than most similar findings.

That's good news for biologists, as water is a key to life as we know it, and the more recently there was liquid water on Mars, the greater the chances for life to have arisen and endured.

Jay Dickson of Brown University and his colleagues found valleys more than 800 feet wide (250 meters) and tens of miles (kilometers) long in new images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The valleys look as though they were carved by running water.

"We believe that these new valleys were formed within the last billion years, which is quite recent when you view it in the geologic history of water on Mars," Dickson told SPACE.com.

The most serious rainfall and runoff that has been documented on Mars dates back to 3.5 billion years ago and older, when rivers and apparently huge floods scarred the planet.

Such ancient signs of water are interesting, but they don't bode so well for the possibility of life on the red planet. For now, there's no firm evidence of life, past or present, on Mars, but researchers continue the search with NASA planning robotic probes to head to likely places, where at least ice or perhaps underground water might remain.

Over the past decade, with more detailed imagery to work with and discoveries of ancient aquifers and possibly lakes by the twin Mars Rovers, the search for water on Mars has become more interesting.

Related StoriesMars Rover Spirit Stuck in Soil, in 'Difficult Situation' Researchers have been finding evidence for water flowing more recently. In March, scientists said a system of gullies they studied suggest water flowed just 1.25 million years ago, at least in relatively small quantities.

Dickson and his colleagues found within a crater called Lyot some 20 winding valleys that they think were carved by "relatively large amounts of water," all in a surface dated to about 1 billion years ago - meaning the rivers must have formed since then.

"Evidence for life might be better preserved in a younger terrain like what we have found, as opposed to the ancient terrain that was once wet, but has been significantly buried or eroded over 4 billion years," Dickson said.

The source of the runoff is thought to have been near-surface ice that melted. Dust-covered glaciers appear to still exist at the site, which is in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

"The interior of Lyot crater is an optimal micro-environment, since its low elevation leads to high surface pressure, and temperature conditions at its location in the northern mid-latitudes are sufficient for melting during periods of high-obliquity," the researchers write. "This micro-environment in Lyot apparently allowed melting of surface ice and the formation of the youngest fluvial valley systems of this scale yet observed on Mars."

The findings were published last month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

artist rendition of lake, U. of Colorado

June 18, 2009:
Oh joy! Yet MORE good news about water on Mars!
New images suggest Mars had a sizable lake on its surface billions of years ago, further evidence that the planet had a watery past.

Images snapped by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveal a 30-mile-long canyon where researchers believe water once flowed and apparent beach remnants surrounding a basin.

Dubbed the Shalbatana lake for the valley it was located in, scientists believe it was about the size of Lake Champlain that borders the states of New York and Vermont. The findings were published in this week's Geophysical Research Letters.

Lead researcher Gaetano Di Achille of the University of Colorado at Boulder estimates the lake formed 3.4 billion years ago, an era of the planet that scientists generally have believed was cold and dry. The lake probably evaporated or froze over, he said.

Cornell University Mars expert Jim Bell called it a neat find, but he said he would like to see other data besides images to support there was a lake.

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