The information on these pages are intended to be a voice for those who cannot speak, nor obtain their freedom: since we still have people who believe that women should not be seen or heard, used and treated like animals. This is an important focus and concern I have for the status of women and children in the world. There are many women's and children's organizations working to eradicate the hideous crimes called honor killings, bride burning, acid attacks and other abuses, terrorist suicide bombers, and perverts who pay money to have sex with infants and young children, plus ways in which you can help. What can we do to help the women and children who have little to no voice, where they are suppressed, tortured, and murdered? Many things:

1. Of course, the first thing is to be aware that it exists and to inform and educate one's self about the facts. These crimes exist as a reflection of misinformation about women and the inhumane ways in which societies and religions treat women and children. If we teach others how to treat us, then we need to rethink our education. We have to remind men that without women they would cease to exist. The world should be thanking women for being life-givers and nurturers instead of punishing them and making them feel less than human, not worthy of dignity.

Is it any wonder why some women have begun killing their own children because they hate their lives and aren't allowed to use birth control methods? Or, women who were raped question keeping their child created from violence? Or, why men still punish women who leave them (often because the men were abusive) - then these men go back and murder their former wives or girlfriends and children?! Or, why many women commit suicide as their own act of personal power because they cannot live in their conditions any longer? Talk about a wake up call. People moan that the earth is suffering and she's punishing us - HEY! THINK AND FEEL WHAT THESE DEMENTED AND VIOLENT ACTS BY HUMANS TO OTHER HUMANS ARE DOING TO THE COLLECTIVE ENERGY OF OUR PLANET AND UNIVERSE! It has a profound impact on us psychically, spiritually, physically - every way - and is toxic to everyone. No wonder this planet is out of balance. If you are abusive to a woman in your life, (this includes women to other women), how can you pretend to acknowledge the earth and forget so much? If you love the earth, THE EARTH MOTHER, then start loving people, start loving women and care how we are treated - and make a difference.

How would you feel if this were happening to you or your family? Is there a particular country that you feel drawn towards helping? How can you use your own skills to assist in bringing more awareness and support to these people?

2. You can become involved in various organizations (as those listed below) who are already creating positive change, or you can start your own agency.

3. Communicate - Bring the awareness to your friends, colleagues, religious or spiritual groups, schools, etc. Meet and speak with those living in cultures that support and promote honor killings, for instance. Open the doorways to communication.

4. Financial support is certainly another way in which you can help, as is writing letters to women who need a friend.

5. Create your own web page about it.

6. Encourage local and national government to keep working to bring open education, freedom, safety, and equal rights to people everywhere - to honor God within all.

Consciousness also plays a HUGE role in how women are treated around the world. When anyone is suppressed it sends out an energy that is perceived. With millions of women and children being tortured and murdered, (four million in the Congo thus far, and it's still going on), can you imagine the vibrations that are filling our planet with pain, fear, anger, revenge, and the misuse of power, and powerlessness? We cannot change our planet into one of peace and welfare for all when these acts go on and on, spreading more and more of this dense and sick ectoplasm into our atmosphere. We are poisoning each other until we clean this up and help people out of these situations.

Honor killings and other abuses (sex slavery/trafficking, acid burnings, etc.) are very old practices and deeply embedded within religions and cultures. Change cannot occur overnight. The old ideas of male and female are on their way out - but it takes time and education, easing fears, threats, misconceptions, and showing how positive change can be for all.

One thing we have to remember and honor is that the souls experiencing these horrific events have bravely chosen to participate in their socities, probably to bring more awareness to themselves and all of humanity in order to understand and most likely to change their society. We cannot do it all for them as that would not respect their own path, their soul's choices and free will. We cannot just rush over to one of those countries without compassion, respecting their rights, without more knowledge or preparation and take over unless there is a situation of genocide, something that requires immediate action.

Now, before you start throwing a barrage of questions at me about the last statement: I don't believe anyone comes into a body on this world to intentionally choose being abused or being in a Holocaust. No one says,"I'm going to incarnate into a body that will end up being tortured and then snuffed out by the Nazis. Oh goodie, I can't wait to suffer." I do think that we are with our family and culture for many reasons; for understanding, growth, and usually share a past connection with these people. What happens during our lifetimes is a combination of what we create, and what others create, and what we co-create together. As we keep seeing, some things are way out of control because of those in power. And who gives them their power and allows them to keep it? Who pretends not to see what's going on when people are abused? How many "domestic violence" cases go unreported or treated as a private matter, or is accepted as the norm, until someone is killed? Even after someone is killed it is no biggie for some societies. Some equate love with violence. Do I blame the victim? Generally speaking, no. If it's something that goes on and on and the victim does nothing about it - then you might be in another territory. Why can't they do anything about it? Is their age? Are they kept as a prisoner? There are so many situations. We have to see if there needs to be intervention. Would the victim want help? Should you force help even if a victim says no? Do you force your will on others? Yes - there are times when we have to do that out of love for the good of the individual and the collective, just as there are tyrants who do it all the time just for negative power over others.

We can do empowering and positive meditations and visualizations to help bring about a change in the land and consciousness. Self-empowerment and taking responsibility for one's life, for these women in oppressive nations, is largely foreign or taboo territory, so we have to help them have the strength to change their self-esteem and belief systems while helping to cleanse out the old energies from where they reside.

We can offer our support, whether it be money, food, clothing, books, medicine, emotional support, and so forth, to those asking for it. And, we can also make our own choices, right where we are, about how we want to be treated and if we take our own steps towards changing conditions where we live, it will spread. Here are some links to sites that can give you more information on becoming involved and what is currently underway.


Some of these sites change often so I am not responsible if the links suddenly stop working.

Helping children around the world to heal and have a life. Ricky is saving women, THANK YOU, RICKY!

The goal of Women for Women International is to take women
from victim to survivor to active citizen.

Read about a Pakistani woman who fought back after being repeatedly raped,
and used the compensation to open a school for girls.

Yes, I know she's a rock star, but what she does and how she does it should be an inspiration to all women, especially Middle Eastern women, because Shakira celebrates the passion, freedom, beauty, and power of womanhood in a lovely way.

Arab Women's Hotline
A telephone service which provides assistance for all arab speaking women in Israel - Christians, Muslims, Bedouins, Druze. Advice is given on issues concerning marriage, divorce, child custody, inheritance, etc. Legal advice is also given for special issues.
Telephone: **-972-3-612-3990
Fax: **-972-3-612-3991.
Postal address: Israel Women's Network
Tagreed Jahshan, Lawyer
Hotline for Arab Women
P.O Box 53186, Jerusalem 91531

Women in Indo-Euro Society
Aryan-Vaishnavism (Hinduism) is the most oppressive system on record in its suppression of women. From conception to death, woman had to suffer in uncountable ways, and this site will tell you all of them throughout history.

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom
Please read about, or help, the important projects in which they are involved.

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
"Defining and defending women's rights."

Bringing Peace to the Middle East

The Use of Children in the Al-Aqsa Intifada
Executive Summary / Creating Martyrs for the Media / "Improved" Palestinian Tactics / Incitement by Arafat and his Palestinian Authority / Negating the Raison D'etre of the Peace Process / The Parents' Motivations / Identifying Child Abuse and Possessing the Courage to Speak Out / Israeli Restraint: The IDF Rules of Engagement / International Law: Efforts to Protect Children from the Dangers of Armed Conflict / Conclusion and Outlook.

Israel's Women's Network
Striving for justice and equality of women in Israel. A very good site with information regarding law, education, resources, empowerment health, women and religion, media, icar, and a hotline.

Lasner & Kubischek: Law Practice
Civil rights, family law, social security, appeals - domestic violence.

The U.S. Government's Global Fight Against Trafficking
The international trade in women and children is about abduction, coercion, violence and exploitation in the most reprehensible ways.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Feminist Majority Foundation Online

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan Here you can sign the petition which DOES help.

The Female in A Male-Dominated Society
By Mr. Dmitri Tobias Lessy

Women For Women
Sponsor a women survivor of violence.

Here is a site/sourcebook that is a fantastic resource for the history of great women and the oppression of women

Extremist Muslim interpretations found in The Place of Women in Pure Islam and the Taliban.

Until the violence stops.

The Women's Spiritual Network

Equality Now

Healing The Children Florida

Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation
Homa Darabi's Foundation is a non-profit organization, independent from all present political, social and religious factions with goal and objective to promote the Rights of women and children as defined by the Universal Declaration of the United Nations 1948 General Assembly.

Honor Killings in Turkey

Taliban's War Against Women

CNN Reports on Honor Killings

Honor Killings in Pakistan

Polyzine - from around the world

Honor Killing: An Islamic Practice?
Good resource with articles and videos.

Honour Killings in Pakistan:
Amnesty International USA, Women's Action Network.

Jordan Law Excuses Murder

Queen Noor of Jordan: National Women's Organizations
General Federation of Jordanian Women, and more.

Queen Noor of Jordan: Her Views of Honor Killings

Honor Killings in America and Abroad

France Libertes: Fondation Danielle Mitterand
"L'homme libre est celui qui aide l'autre a le devenir." Dedicated to human rights and freedom around the globe.

The Place of Women in Pure Islam
Horrifying "facts" of today's Islamic religion and how it treats women.


The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS)
has been formed to promote the ideas of rationalism, secularism, democracy and human rights within Islamic society. Look for their Declaration of the Rights of Women in Islamic Societies

Stonings in Iran
News updates, including video coverage.

Bride Burning
An excellent thesis on history and current reality of this practice in India's society.

A Matter of Extreme Cruelty:
Burning and Dowry Deaths in India

Female Genital Mutilation Network & Message Board

Bride Burning Claims Hundreds in India
From World News

Children in South Asia: Securing Their Rights
An important report from Amnesty International from April, 1998.

The Burning of Witches
A chronicle of the burning times.

Women's Issues: 3rd World - Honor Killings