Enki & Plato, Channeled by Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
February 11, 1997
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[You can read about my channeling of Enki & Plato on this page. The input from both entities was very well-blended together, coming in almost as one entity combining their energies. Clearly, they both had a lot they wanted to share.]

Death: The very word itself invokes shuddering terror for some and peace for others. Images of a great void, darkness, helplessness, confusion, shock accompany further indulgence of the idea of death. What is death? When, why and how does it occur? Who knows? Let us make it simple for you. First we will discuss life, then death, then science with metaphysics.

Life: Life is. The soul is divine energy and this energy never dies. The soul creates experiences in order that the God/Goddess/All That Is, that it is, can experience itself. From formlessness into form, back into formlessness or into different forms the soul moves in an eternal dance with all life.

Humans are the 'make-up' of a soul in a body. The soul co-creates the physical body (with the biological parents who contribute their DNA) that will carry it through life on Earth with genetic data from soul memory and soul purpose/focus. The soul creates its perfect vehicle that it requires for its temporary stay in physical form.

Death is greatly misunderstood as being the end of it all, of coming too soon, sporadically at the right time, not being justified, and all of it never, never having been created by the soul, let alone being respected as such. Death always seems to be something just out of your understanding, responsibility, control and power. This is completely inaccurate.

Death is transformation. Transformation from one way of being into another. Each individual soul creates their own life and transformation. Death is a part of the life process during which a being decides to withdraw life force from the life-sustaining systems and organs of the body in order to transform and move into another focus. Death is created by the individual for many reasons; each case is unique. Some of the reasons include: fear and departure of life fully lived in the body, completion of life and it's purpose in the current physical vehicle - which include the desire to experience another mode of operation.

As the soul prepares to leave the body for its new focus it disconnects gradually, shutting down organs, systems, auric energy fields, the chakra system, until it disconnects completely and ideally cuts all ties to the physical body, although some of the cells within the body will continue to live for a time and retain memory within them.

As science already knows the nails, hair and other parts of a decomposing body may, and often do, continue to grow. Even people who will die by the hand of another, or through so-called "accidents", will have already diminished auric fields - barely visible - or will have changed the color of their energy within and around their body, because the soul knows what is about to happen and is preparing the body for it.

The personality/ego of the individual is not always tuned in to the soul and what it is creating and it is the personality that needs assistance to understand and accept what is going on. At the time of transformation the personality tells you that you don't exist because your body is dying and your entire life was spent believing you were only a body with personality/ego. It perceives that you are only a body, therefore it has a tendency to fight for physical survival.

You come up against a conflict of your true nature, your inner self, soul, versus your personality/ego. This is what most encounter and where most of the conflict and pain of transformation exists - in accepting the truth of who you are and learning to let go of the personality's beliefs of reality. Some people never let go of their personality's beliefs that they are limited and death for them is indeed very painful.

Now, we how can make the transformation process easier? By, first of all, knowing and accepting the fact that a person moves on when their soul is ready. No machine will keep a person alive if the soul is truly ready to depart.

Secondly, accepting and respecting that each person is responsible for creating their life and transformation and that each person deserves support and compassion and additional help if they request it.

Thirdly, by honoring their decisions and choices in their transformation process, for only they know what is best for themselves. This includes the desire to die by choice, or remain on life support. The soul will create whatever it needs before moving on. If the soul needs more time for reflection the body will stay until the soul is ready. No matter what the decision, condemnation would not exist if we would honor that each individual knows what they need and is entitled to receive.

Now we come to the next part of our discussion on death; metaphysics. The time has come for science to merge with metaphysics in a most unique and beautiful way to assist those in transformation. For example, if a person is not conscious (in a coma) or in a state of mind where they cannot be communicated with in conventional ways then alternative methods must be employed.

There are many channels who are highly skilled and trained to communicate with or channel those in coma as a service. The channel allows the soul of the individual to communicate their needs through them. In this way channels connect with the person's soul and honor their choices, counsel them to help them make choices for their highest interest, oftentimes with their spiritual teachers/counselors/guides assisting in the process. For example, there have been cases when the person in a coma feels dehydrated and needs more liquid in their mouth or on their lips, or needs to be moved into another position in their bed, and this message is relayed through the channel to the nurses or doctors.

There are times when the comatose patient is deciding whether to stay or move on, and has very strong issues regarding relationships with loved ones. Sometimes these loved ones may be keeping them alive and connected to the physical body through their own neediness and unwillingness to let their loved on move on. This is due to personal control issues, fear of loss, change, helplessness, worries that their loved one is suffering, worries of their own suffering due to the coming loss, misunderstanding that love dies when the body dies, or religious beliefs: it is mostly about how the survivor will survive the loss.

In other cases, the patient wishes for their loved ones to understand how they came to be where they are - as a service to them. Many times there are last messages that need to be relayed between patient and loved ones. And, there are those individuals who are in fear or confusion in their current condition and need assistance from counselors in understanding it, what is coming (what their soul is creating) and how to proceed.

How else can all of these things be relayed but through the talents of channels, clairvoyants, psychics trained in this field? Counseling is a vital element in understanding what the soul is creating, how to help the person, how to work with loved ones to help them accept what is occurring and how to honor the patient in their personal journey.

To understand, accept, respect and assist, or not to, can make an incredible difference in the transformation process for an individual between being loving and easy, versus being fearful and painful. And that will affect the next step on the transformational path, because whatever your belief systems are at the time of transformation is what you will attract to yourself in the next dimension you move. It virtually sets the scene for the next step and determines how long it will be, what it will include, what it will need before the soul can continue its growth on a new path.

Transformation is a time of movement and a moment providing the opportunity for great gifts through communication and feeling. Welcome and embrace it. Treat all as you would want to be treated when your time comes to move on. Use all the tools available, conventional and unconventional, and help one another on your paths.

Follow your hearts, feel what is the right thing to do from inside yourselves. Be of service in the best way you can to help those you love get what they need for their final moments on Earth in the body - even if it means leaving them to themselves (they are never alone, anyway). Honor yourselves and what you need to do regarding another's time of transition. It is a time to come clean and clear, to make way for the new.

Bless the one moving on, support their journey, honor them - ASK them how you can be of service to them. If they cannot speak, let your heart guide you. You can let them be, help them reflect, process and release. Let them know it is merely part of their dance through all life as a spirit now free from the body to experience anew. It is a time for celebration and honoring your emotions, feeling all the levels that love experiences inside yourselves - the pain, the joy, fear, compassion, all of it.

It is truly the time to experience what a great part of the human condition is all about. And it makes you rethink your own paths and how you want to create your lives while you are here. This is indeed a moment of great humbling and caring for the process of life itself.

All of this you have chosen, to experience, as part of the divine. Hallelujah.

© Copyright 1997, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani